355 restaurants is one of the biggest and fastest growing hospitality brands in NIgeria and now Ghana with their amazing collections of restaurants, lounges, bars and hotels each with a unique touch. As a strong brand with almost their entire portfolio powered by Africa’s leading restaurant management system (Dinesurf). We decided to do a deep brand dive to understand more about the 355 brand we have all grown to love and the CEO of Dinesurf and 355 Group had a fireside chat. So let’s dive in.  

355 Origin Story

Founded in 2013, 355 Group emerged as a dream nurtured by co-founders during their university days at the University of Essex. Currently steered by the visionary leadership of Wendy Famoroti, who assumed the role of Managing Director/CEO on March 8, 2020, the brand has grown into a Pan-African hospitality powerhouse. The journey began with a house known as the "house that parties" off 355 Keyside Drive. With this vision, it was brought into Nigeria after some members of the group moved back. 355 group began as a lounge/bar where people could unwind after a long day. Today, 355 Group stands as a testament to the co-founders' commitment to bringing that vision back to Nigeria.

Our Review / Brand Review of 355 Group:

At the heart of 355 Group's success is its commitment to a vision that transcends borders. The transition in March 2022 marked a significant chapter, emphasizing the brand's resilience and adaptability. The business's growth, credited to visionary co-founders and a robust operational structure, is evident in its 7 restaurants, lounges, and a hotel, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the 355 Group experience.

Top 355 Group Locations:

Explore the diverse tapestry of 355 Group's offerings, from the iconic Gossip Kitchen and Bar to the international allure of 355 Labone. Each location contributes a distinctive flavor to the brand, with signature dishes like Chicken Cameron and the acclaimed pizza in Kano capturing the essence of local tastes. The future holds exciting prospects, with plans for new hotels in Abuja, Ghana, and Rwanda, showcasing the brand's commitment to continuous expansion and innovation. These locations include:


  Cuisine: African, Mexican  

Address: 172 Mission Rd, Bompai, Kano 700213, Kano, Nigeria , Kano  

Opening Times: 10am-12am  

What Customers are saying: #SereneEnvironment #Goodforoutdooreventsandrecreationalactivities #Greatfordatesandbirthdays #Excellentfoodandservice #Friendlystaff  

Very serene environment with good food and service and a great place for outdoor events and recreational activities. Also a great place for dates and birthdays. I really do love the environment. Like they say people eat culture. 355 makes sure every meal is an experience and it's a place I'd recommend any day, anytime. I had a nice time there and it actually isn't my first time but they have made sure coming there is never a bore..I can't over emphasis on the food. They have the best milk shake I've had in kano and its an absolute delight to come to... Top place!” - Kay Redd  


  Cuisine: African, Mexican  

Address: Jara shopping mall, 22 Simbiat Abiola Way,Ikeja , Ikeja (ALAUSA), Lagos  

Opening times: 10am-12am  

What Customers are Saying: #GoodAmbience #Music #SuitableforCelebrations #ArtCollection #BudgetFriendly  

If you’re looking for a pretty chilled, aesthetically pleasing yet affordable restaurant/lounge, you should definitely visit this place. It’s located inside jara mall, so it shouldn’t be so hard to locate. The food was okay although very small! Great music, loved the mix of songs that was played. Loved the collection of art piece that is on the way up. I also saw that you can celebrate your birthday here which is a good one. I had a good time, so I’ll recommend for solo outings, group outings with friends and other celebrations.” - Sarzi Michael  


  Cuisine: African, Mexican  

Address: 38, Osun Crescent Maitama, Abuja. , ABUJA- MAITAMA CENTRAL, FCT - Abuja  

Opening Times: 9am-11pm  

What Customers are Saying: #GreatService #AccommodatingStaff #GoodFood #WinePairings #PrivateSeating

Went here for our anniversary. I had to work late, and the restaurant accommodated us close to 11 (we called ahead). My husband and I were immediately attended to and moved to our table which was reserved. The appetizer came out quickly, and was so good. We got the prawn spring rolls. Then for our meals, we got the lamb shank and the surf and turf. The lamb shank, delicious accompanied by mashed potatoes. The surf and turf was a little dry but tasty. We got the whiskey sour and mojito. Whiskey sour was perfect. The mojito was alright. Overall, we had great service, good food and were out within an hour and a half — full and happy.” - Edidiong  


  Cuisine: African, Mexican  

Address: 63, Campbell streeet, Campbell centre, Marina, Lagos , Lagos Island (Marina), Lagos  

Opening Times: 9am-10pm  

What Customers are Saying:   

Exciting experience. The customer service is sooo on point. Tasty food, exquisite and exclusive environs with the right atmosphere. The Seafood Okra is second to known. They are known for the best afang soup. I confirmed it after having a taste of it. 😁”- Ngozi  


  Cuisine: Mediterranean, French  

Address: 62 Orphan Cres, Accra, Ghana , Greater Accra  

Opening Times: 10am - 11pm  

What Customers are Saying: #SeafoodPlatter #AttentiveStaff #BeautifulAmbience #UpstairsLoungeandClub #DeliciousDrinks  

I recently tried the seafood platter at 355 Restaurant in Labone. Everything except the crab was cooked perfectly and tasty. The crab meat was mushy. The platter had lobsters, prawns , fish , calamari , crab for 550 cedis I loved their service, I loved the place and I will go back there soon with a date lol” - Bekoe Bestbrain  


  Cuisine: Italian   Address: 1 Water Corporation Drive, Lagos, Nigeria , Lagos  

Opening Times: 10am-12am  

What Customers are Saying: #GreatFood #HelpfulStaff #StrongCocktails #OutdoorSeating #SereneAmbiance    

I absolutely loved it here! The food was great, the ambience was so delightful. The waiter that attended to us, Isaac, was so so helpful and had really great etiquette. I wasn’t sure of what starters to go for and wanted to try the Chicken soup and garlic bread. I asked for his opinion and he was kind enough to let me know that it was a great option, but that it might be quite unfamiliar to my tastebuds if I have not had it before. But I like to try out new foods, so I went ahead with it. I did not regret it at all. It had such a great taste and the texture was perfect. Same as my milkshake. Heavenly. My friend had the Suya Prawns and the shrimp burger (sea food lovers. I can’t relate), and he loved his meals as well. The music could be better though. The playlist was a mix of literally anything and everything. A well curated tailored to the ambience would improve the experience. I highly recommend.” - Tolulope Olagoke  


  Cuisine: African, Italian  

Address: 9a Oko awo street, off ademola adetokunbo street, Victoria island, Lagos , VI (Adetokunbo Ademola), Lagos  

Opening Times: 12pm-12am  

What Customers are Saying: #Friendlyandhelpfulstaff #Excellentservice #Deliciousfood #Varietyofdrinks #WheelchairAccessible  

“It's a cool place, the ambiance is so given! Can be used for birthday, family outings and Alumni get together. Staffs are pleasant, professional and very nice. Air conditioning might not suit children under 2years because it's really cold in here, they were nice enough to put off a couple of AC for some of us who visited. Good picture taking spot.” - Rebecca Opeyemi

Operational Philosophy and Success Factors:

355 Group attributes its success to a combination of visionary co-founders, a robust operational structure, and an unwavering commitment to the core philosophy of "People, Eat, Culture." The emphasis on internal movement within the staff ensures the preservation of a consistent culture across all locations. The quarterly menu reviews, coupled with feedback mechanisms like Dinesurf and QR code ordering at Gossip, highlight the brand's dedication to freshness and responsiveness to customer preferences.

Community Engagement and Future Ventures:

Beyond culinary excellence, 355 Group actively engages with local communities. Partnerships in new locations are established with individuals deeply rooted in their communities, fostering a sense of belonging and shared values. Wendy Famoroti envisions a future where 355 Group expands into new territories, with hotels in Abuja, Ghana, Kano, and a strong interest from investors for restaurants and hotels in Rwanda.

Proudest Moment and Advice:

The brand's proudest moments revolve around growth, with new outlets opening and the realization of a vision that began as a university dream. Wendy Famoroti's advice echoes throughout the brand: invest in people. As 355 Group continues to carve its path in the hospitality industry, this commitment to people, combined with an acute understanding of local partnerships, community engagement, and monitoring trends, will undoubtedly propel the brand towards new heights. 

Wrapping Up

355 Group's success is not merely measured in outlets and expansion but in its deep-rooted connection to people and communities. The emphasis on internal movement among staff ensures a consistent culture across locations. The quarterly menu reviews, coupled with innovative feedback mechanisms like Dinesurf and QR code ordering at Gossip, demonstrate the brand's dedication to staying fresh and responsive to customer preferences.In conclusion, 355 Group is not just a collection of restaurants; it's a narrative of passion, growth, and a commitment to creating exceptional experiences for people across the African continent and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions About 355 Group:

Q1: How did 355 Group originate?
Founded in 2013, 355 Group started as a dream nurtured by co-founders during their university days at the University of Essex. Currently led by Wendy Famoroti, the brand has evolved into a Pan-African hospitality powerhouse.

Q2: How many locations does 355 Group have?
355 Group boasts 7 restaurants, lounges, bars, and a hotel, contributing to its expansive portfolio in Nigeria and Ghana.

Q3: What is the core philosophy of 355 Group?
The core philosophy is “People, Eat, Culture,” driving the brand’s success and commitment to providing unique culinary experiences.

Q4: How does 355 Group ensure consistency across its locations?
The brand emphasizes internal movement among staff, ensuring a consistent culture and operational structure throughout all its locations.

Q5: What are some signature dishes at 355 Group locations?
Signature dishes include Chicken Cameron, acclaimed pizza in 355 Restaurant & Lounge Kano, and the Seafood Platter at 355 Labone.

Q6: How can customers provide feedback to 355 Group?
Customers can use Dinesurf and QR code ordering at Gossip for direct feedback. The brand also values customer reviews on various platforms.

Q7: What is the future vision of 355 Group?
The future holds plan for new hotels in Abuja, Ghana, and Rwanda, reflecting the brand’s commitment to continuous expansion and innovation.

Q8: How does 355 Group engage with local communities?
355 Group establishes partnerships with individuals deeply rooted in local communities, fostering a sense of belonging and shared values.

Q9: How often does 355 Group review its menu?
The menu is reviewed quarterly, ensuring a fresh and responsive approach to customer preferences.

Q10: What is Wendy Famoroti’s advice for success?
Wendy Famoroti advises investing in people as a key factor in 355 Group’s success, emphasizing the importance of personnel in the hospitality industry.

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