Unlock your Restaurant’s Potential

Our platform provides a powerful, easy-to-use interface for businesses to manage their online presence and stay connected with their most loyal customers. With the ability to upload menus, specials and deals quickly and easily, businesses can reach even more potential diners.

How we help you win!

As your technology partner, we provide a data-driven restaurant management dashboard that helps you turn guests to regulars, run smoother shifts and fill empty tables.


Manage and Market your Events

Create events that generate revenue at your restaurant. Use Dinesurf to plan, manage and market your events. Dedicated pages for each event make marketing easy and Dinesurf’s event discovery showcases your events to new guests.

  • Easily create and manage events from your restaurant
  • Attract new guests with event discovery on Dinesurf.com
  • Easily receive payments for prepaid events
  • Keep your guests updated with automated email and SMS reminders

Dinesurf Diner App

Available on all devices

Guests can book reservations through multiple partner platforms, and you know who they are. Easy-to-use interface for Diners to check out your menu, photos, reviews and Events.

  • Make your life easier when diners can find, order and reserve online
  • Put your menu, photos, and safety precautions front and center
  • List your business on the Dinesurf and instantly access our fast-growing network of potential guests.
  • Guest can manage their reservation and receive real-time updates

Guest Book and CRM

Enhance Guest Relationships

Welcome guests back and make them feel special with historical data at your fingertips. Build up your CRM with shared tags and notes for more moments to surprise and delight.

  • Engage Guests with tailored communication
  • Add a personal touch without all the personal effort
  • Robust Guest Profiles with 20+ data points
  • Add notes to guest profiles, Tag VIPs and Regulars

Maintain Control

Give yourself complete control

Dinesurf provides multi-level access control to help restaurant owners maintain control over their business. Restrict user roles according to your needs — wait staff, kitchen staff can make changes in their sections while managers have full access. Ensure your restaurant runs smoothly and securely, keeping everyone informed.

  • Multi-level access and permissions
  • Access your restaurant for anywhere, anytime on any device

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