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Manage your Events

List, Manage, Track events performance and seat more guests without paid ads. Enjoy flexible events management and list prepaid events to reduce no-shows.

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Effortless Event Management!

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Increased revenue potential

Create custom events and offer tiered pricing to maximize profits.

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Boost Visibility

Reach more diners, attract guests with our events discovery and improved search features in our diner marketplace. Put your events at the forefront of our large diner community exploring events and restaurants 24/7.

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Streamlined event planning

Easier for restaurants to manage events from start to finish.
Using the platform, you can easily create event listings, manage reservations, and communicate with guest

Track Events Performance

View reports on guest reservations for each event, track your revenue and gain access to guest data and insights to boost your next events.
By tracking guest information such as attendance history and preferences, restaurants can gain valuable insights about their customer base.

Secure Payments

No more sending account details and waiting for proof of payment.
Create prepaid events and receive payments directly to your account before your guests visit. We help you reduce no-shows and help you fill your tables faster before your events.

How it works

Create Revenue-Boosting Events!

From promotions to payment processing, explore how Dinesurf's event management can help you plan successful events end-to-end.

Create the event

Click on the "Create Event" button and enter an event name.

Customize the event by adding time, date, location, and event description.

Also, include the food items, special offers, or deals you want to offer during the event

Add ticket details

Create ticket categories and set the ticket price, availability, and any restrictions or requirements around access.

Customize the ticket type and settings to match the needs of your event.

Promote the event

Share your event with your customers across social media platforms, web pages, and email newsletters.

Leverage Dinesurf's built-in promotion tools to reach various customer groups and maximize visibility.

Manage guest lists and payments

View the guest list and track ticket sales for the event in real-time.

Manage reservations, waiting lists, and cancellations to optimize attendance.

Post-Event Support

After the event, leverage our customer feedback system to collect insights and feedback from guests to improve future events.

Use our customer analytics to assess the success of your event, gain insights into customer preferences, and make informed decisions about future events.

Managing Your Offline Events Online just got easier with Dinesurf

Access everything you need to create, manage and track your events without spending on Ads or event flyers. Increase your revenue, focus on operations and control your offline flow by just listing your events online.


Get more customers and make them happy. We’ll help you do both.