About us

We are a data-driven restaurant management dashboard that helps you streamline your reservation, guest management and more.

Diner’s App

Allows diners to discover, research and make reservations at restaurants in cities across Africa.

Restaurant Dashboard

Enables restaurants to connect better with current and potential diners, and build and sustain loyalty.

Team of Experts

We have a highly motivated team with a high level of task related expertise and the mastering of team processes

Martins Udotai – Co-founder, CEO

Martins Udotai

Co-founder, CEO
Princess Okpewho – Content Writer

Princess Okpewho

Content Writer
David Everett – Direct Sales Manager

David Everett

Direct Sales Manager
Joshia Udotai – Co-founder, CTO

Joshua Udotai

Co-founder, CTO
Nosa Garrick – General Counsel

Nosa Garrick

General Counsel
Yombo Pitan – Advisor

Yombo Pitan

Gene Quinn – Advisor

Gene Quinn

Thibaut Lacave – Advisor

Thibaut Lacave

Elizabeth Kalu – Marketing Team Lead

Elizabeth Kalu

Marketing Team Lead

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