Streamline your Restaurant
Table Reservation

Manage your restaurant operations like a pro with Dinesurf's state-of-the-art table reservation management system. Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets, manual booking processes, and overbooking disasters.

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Experience Seamless Reservations!

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Optimize Seating Capacity

By optimising your seating capacity preferences through Dinesurf, you can allocate waitlisted customers at the right time to keep tables busy and generate increased revenues

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Reduce Overbooking

Dinesurf's comprehensive reservations dashboard gives you real-time visibility into which tables are reserved, open, or available, reducing the risk of overbooking and allowing customers to enjoy a seamless experience

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Streamline Operations

Dinesurf simplifies the table booking process and allows you to automate your booking workflows resulting in time and cost savings for your business

Make Informed Decisions

Through Dinesurf’s reporting and analytics features, you can gain insights on key metrics like table usage, reservation patterns, diner feedback and reviews enabling you to make better business decisions.

Enhance Customer Experience

Dinesurf's system sends automated booking confirmations and reminders via SMS and e-mail, enabling your customers to plan their visit and create an enjoyable experience for them.

How it works

Accept Online Reservations Effortlessly!

Elevate your direct reservations by utilizing a restaurant reservation system that empowers you to take charge of the entire guest journey.

Customizable Reservation Settings

You can customize the reservation settings to match your restaurant's requirements, such as
-Reservation Deposits
-Table sizes
-Seating arrangements
-Booking times

Integration with Global booking channels

Dinesurf is integration partners with Google and Tripadvisor, providing you with an extended reach to their vast customer base.

You can also connect your reservation system to multiple platforms, including social media and your website, providing a frictionless booking experience.

Auto-Confirmation Emails and SMS

Dinesurf's Auto-Confirmation Emails and SMS feature provides a hassle-free booking experience for both customers and restaurateurs.

Once a customer makes a booking, the system automatically sends a confirmation message to their email and/or mobile phone number.

Reduce No-shows and cancellation

With Dinesurf's automated reminders, you can reduce losses due to last-minute cancellations or no-shows.

The system sends reminders to customers before the reservation time, making sure they don't miss their booking or forget about it, while reducing the hassle of manual follow-up.

Build Your Mailing List with Ease

Dinesurf enables restaurateurs to build their mailing list with ease while streamlining the entire booking process.

The system provides an option to collect the customer's contact information during the restaurant reservations process, which can be added directly to your mailing list

Real-time updates on reservation statuses

Dinesurf provides live updates on the status of your reservations, waitlists, and table availability.

The system allows you to react quickly and efficiently to any booking changes, and handle last-minute requests with ease.

Robust reporting and analytics

You can keep track of booking activity, customer behavior, and other key metrics.

This allows you to fine-tune your bookings and make data-driven decisions that drive revenue growth

Managing Your Online and Offline reservations just got easier with Dinesurf

Get in touch with us at Dinesurf to discuss how our revolutionary restaurant reservation system can help you streamline operations, boost bookings, and enhance your customer's overall experience. Sign up for Dinesurf today and enjoy the benefits of a seamless, hassle-free booking process


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