Welcome to Accra, where the culinary scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors and cultures. Among the diverse array of dining options, Chinese cuisine holds a special place, offering a delightful fusion of tastes and textures. In this guide, we unveil the "7 Best Chinese Restaurants in Accra," each a culinary gem known for its authentic dishes and inviting ambiance. Whether you're craving classic favorites or eager to explore new culinary delights, these restaurants promise an unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the richness of Chinese gastronomy in the heart of Accra.
Comprehensive Guide to Chinese Restaurants in Accra:  
Accra, the bustling capital of Ghana, is home to a rich tapestry of culinary experiences, and among its diverse offerings, Chinese cuisine stands out as a popular choice. This comprehensive guide is crafted to be your culinary companion, navigating the vibrant landscape of Chinese restaurants in Accra. Whether you're a local seeking familiar flavors or a visitor eager to explore, let this guide be your gateway to an authentic and delightful journey through Accra's Chinese dining scene.
1. Understanding the Diversity:
Chinese cuisine is renowned for its diversity, and Accra reflects this in its array of Chinese restaurants. From Cantonese to Sichuan, Hunan to Shanghai, explore the nuances of regional flavors offered by various establishments.
2. Authenticity Matters:
Seek out restaurants that pride themselves on authenticity. Look for those with skilled chefs trained in traditional Chinese culinary techniques, ensuring a genuine experience that stays true to the roots of this rich cuisine.
3. Family-Friendly Options:
Accra's Chinese dining scene is family-friendly, with many establishments providing a welcoming atmosphere suitable for both couples and families. Look for restaurants that offer a diverse menu catering to all age groups.
4. Popular Dishes to Try:
Immerse yourself in the flavors of China by trying popular dishes such as Sweet and Sour Chicken, Peking Duck, Dim Sum, and a variety of flavorful stir-fried noodles and rice dishes. Let your taste buds embark on a culinary adventure.  
5. Navigating Dietary Preferences:
If you have dietary preferences or restrictions, rest assured that many Chinese restaurants in Accra are accommodating. Explore vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, ensuring a delightful experience for every palate.  
6. Making Reservations:
Due to the popularity of Chinese restaurants, especially during peak hours or special occasions, it's advisable to make reservations. Ensure a seamless dining experience by securing your table in advance.  
7. Delivery Services:
 For those who prefer dining at home, many Chinese restaurants in Accra offer delivery services. Enjoy your favorite dishes in the comfort of your own space, bringing the flavors of China to your doorstep.  
8. Upscale Dining Experiences:
Elevate your culinary adventure by exploring upscale Chinese restaurants in Accra. These establishments offer a more refined dining experience, perfect for special occasions or those seeking an elevated gastronomic journey.
9. Exploring Tea Culture:
Embrace the traditional tea culture of China by exploring the tea selections on the menu. From classic green tea to aromatic oolong, let your dining experience be complemented by a sip of traditional Chinese teas.  
10. Regional Culinary Diversity:
While Cantonese cuisine may be prevalent, discover Chinese restaurants in Accra that offer dishes from other regions. Expand your palate by experiencing the culinary diversity that China has to offer.  
11. Convenience of Lunch and Dinner:
Chinese restaurants in Accra typically cater to both lunch and dinner, offering a convenient dining option for various schedules. Enjoy the flavors of China whether it's a midday break or an evening celebration.  
Embark on a delightful journey through the Chinese restaurants of Accra, where authenticity, diversity, and warm hospitality converge to create a memorable dining experience. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious explorer, let this guide be your companion as you savor the best of Chinese cuisine in the heart of Ghana's vibrant capital.

7 Chinese Restaurants in Accra

1. Palace Chinese Restaurant Dzorwulu

Discover a unique culinary experience at Palace Chinese Restaurant Dzorwulu, an oasis of authentic Chinese cuisine nestled in the heart of Accra. Renowned as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city, it stands out for its consistently high quality, generously portioned dishes, and exceptional service. Upon entering the restaurant, patrons are immediately transported to a different world, as the interior design provides a genuine Chinese atmosphere. The restaurant is spotlessly clean, creating a pleasant and comfortable dining environment. Service at Palace Chinese Restaurant is second to none. With a team of hardworking staff, including some who have been with the restaurant since 2008, the restaurant maintains an impressive level of service, providing an experience rarely matched in Ghana. The culinary journey at Palace Chinese Restaurant is a delightful treat for the senses. The food is not only delicious but also abundant. Each dish is meticulously prepared, delivering the true essence of Chinese cuisine. Their hot pot, a crowd favorite, offers a unique and enjoyable dining experience. This indulgent, eat-as-much-as-you-can dish is best enjoyed in a group, where you get to cook your food right at the table. Aside from the hot pot, the restaurant offers an extensive menu including a variety of soups, stir-fries, and seafood. The food is consistently praised for its authenticity and quality, with many patrons citing it as their favorite Chinese food in all of Ghana. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or looking for a place to satisfy your Chinese food cravings, Palace Chinese Restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience. Despite the higher-than-average prices, the sumptuous food and excellent service make every visit worthwhile.

What Customers are Saying

#ExcellentService #LargePortions #AuthenticChineseHotpot #PleasantandCleanEnvironment #GreatforCelebrations
"The service was excellent. Probably one of the only places in Ghana I've experienced this level of service. The food was delicious and the portions were huge. I'm glad because it wasn't cheap. Chinese food should never be this expensive so I'm glad it was nice." - Sim Mck

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Opening Times: 11am-10.30pm
  • Address: 19 Osu Badu St, Accra, Ghana

2. Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Pearl Chinese Restaurant, located in the heart of Accra, offers a tranquil and serene ambiance that makes it an ideal destination for a romantic dinner or a relaxed gathering with family and friends. The restaurant prides itself on its exceptional service, ensuring a memorable dining experience for every guest. The staff is attentive, prompt, and committed to delivering perfect customer service, making it a dining venue you won't regret visiting. The culinary highlight of Pearl Chinese Restaurant is its remarkable Chinese cuisine. The dishes are simply tasty, with the perfect balance of flavors that leaves a lasting impression. The standout dishes, as recommended by patrons, are the noodles and rice. The noodles dish, often described as a must-try, is perfectly cooked with a pepper seasoning that is neither too spicy nor too dull, but just right. The rice, on the other hand, is touted as one of the best in the city. The restaurant offers a great selection of meals for an affordable price, making it possible for two to dine comfortably with a budget of just GHC150. Despite its affordable prices, the quality of the food remains uncompromised, earning it rave reviews from its visitors. Pearl Chinese Restaurant is the perfect spot for those seeking to explore delightful Chinese cuisine in a relaxed and welcoming setting.

What Customers are Saying

#Goodfood #Sereneambience #Affordableprices #Greatservice #Goodforfamilyandfriendshangout
"Good food, and a serene ambience. I recommend it as a good Vals day spot. Their noodle are a must-try. The pepper was not too spicy and not too dull-just right. Their rice is one of the best I have ever tasted and it is affordable. For a mere cool budget of GHC150 you can get a great selection for 2." - Jesse Quagraine

Restaurant information

  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Opening Times: 11am-10pm
  • Address: 202 G Y Odoi St, Accra, Ghana

3. Tip Top Chinese Restaurant

Step into the vibrant hub of Oxford Street in Accra and discover the culinary delights of Tip Top Chinese Restaurant. With an extensive menu offering generous portions of scrumptious food at affordable prices, Tip Top has quickly become a favourite destination for both locals and tourists alike. The restaurant might not strike you as fancy at first glance, but don't let its unassuming exterior fool you. Once inside, you're immediately welcomed by a warm and inviting atmosphere, complemented by attentive and respectful service. The staff, led by the commendable Samuel, is known for their exceptional service, ensuring all guests feel comfortable and well taken care of. From the fragrant fried rice that has become a shared feast among guests, to the unique guobaorou - a crispy sweet and sour pork dish that is a rare find in Accra, every dish is a testament to authentic Chinese cuisine. The sizzling beef sauce served over egg fried rice is a consistent crowd-pleaser, always cooked to perfection. Guests also rave about the chicken mushroom sauce and the chicken sauce with peanuts, both bursting with flavour and texture. And for the more adventurous, the malaxiangguo - a spicy and aromatic dish, awaits your palate. While the fried noodles may not be their strongest suit, Tip Top more than makes up for it with the rest of its offerings. The portions are substantial, often leading to delightful leftovers packed in complimentary take-away boxes. Despite minor setbacks, Tip Top Chinese Restaurant continues to be a gastronomic gem in the heart of Accra, promising a delightful dining experience that leaves you anticipating your next visit.

What Customers are Saying

#DeliciousFood #AffordablePrices #LargePortions #GreatCustomerService #VarietyofMenuOptions
"Food is actually tasty and affordable here. I'd say it's one of my favourite places to eat on Oxford Street. The portion of rice they serve here is a lot, there’s no way 1 person can eat all. We always share one plate and even pack the rest home. The exciting thing is they give free packs. We were served by Samuel, an amazing and respectful guy! I was only disappointed in the employer, I guess, a Chinese big guy who was screaming and shouting at one of the employees in the restaurant. Reason why I’m giving the atmosphere 2 stars, plus it’s not really a fancy place, just a basic restaurant!" - Priscilla

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Opening Times: 11am - 10pm
  • Address: Oxford St, Accra, Ghana

4. Just Chinese - Airport

Just Chinese - Airport is an inviting Chinese restaurant located in the heart of Accra, offering a unique experience to its guests. The restaurant is meticulously clean, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for diners to enjoy their meal. The menu at Just Chinese highlights the classics of Chinese cuisine, with dishes like sweet and sour chicken and beef fried rice winning over diners. The restaurant’s sweet and sour chicken is a favorite amongst guests, with its balanced flavors hinting at authenticity. The beef fried rice, described as a crowd-pleaser, is noted to be generic but is brought to life by the addition of Shito, a Ghanaian hot sauce. Another culinary highlight is the combination fried rice, which has been praised for its taste and generous portion size. The restaurant is also known for its delicious chicken wings and vegetable egg rolls, freshly prepared and served hot. For those seeking local flavors, the East Legon branch offers Jollof on the menu, which has quickly become a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Just Chinese stands out not only for its food but also for its excellent customer service. The staff is always on point, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for each guest. They also offer a reliable delivery service, making it easy for patrons to enjoy their offerings from the comfort of their homes. However, patrons with specific dietary needs or preferences may need to double-check their order, as there have been some inconsistencies particularly regarding the use of red pepper in the dishes. Overall, Just Chinese - Airport offers an engaging blend of Chinese and local flavors, making it a must-visit restaurant when in Accra. Despite needing a little fine-tuning in terms of balancing authentic Chinese flavors and customer preferences, the restaurant remains a popular choice for its great food, excellent service, and inviting ambiance.

What Customers are Saying

#Greatfood #Cleanandinvitingrestaurant #Goodcustomerservice #Promptdelivery #Affordableprices
"Great food! I really enjoyed the sweet and sour chicken and beef fried rice. The chicken wings and vegetable egg rolls were good as well. It was delicious and was freshly prepared. The restaurant was also clean and inviting. I definitely would visit again when I’m in Ghana. There is just no restroom for guest. Other than that no issues at all." - Tameka Clark

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Chinese, Ghanaian
  • Opening times: 10.30am-8.30pm
  • Address: Kofi Annan St, Accra, Ghana

5. Ajayi Chinese Restaurant

Welcome to Alayi Chinese Restaurant, a hidden gem in the heart of Accra. With its humble exterior and modest setup, you might be tempted to underestimate what this restaurant has to offer. However, as many have found, this is a classic case of "don't judge a book by its cover." The ambiance of Alayi is one of its many charms. This restaurant is a beautiful and serene place to enjoy your dinner, with ongoing beautification developments aimed at enhancing your dining experience. The moment you walk in, you are transported to a cozy and welcoming environment that promises a memorable meal. The service at Alayi is a standout. The staff are not only friendly but also extremely helpful, quick, and efficient. They are always ready to assist, and their patience is commendable. The culinary experience at Alayi is nothing short of impressive. The dishes are delicious and affordable, with generous portion sizes that offer great value for money. Standout dishes include the stir fry chicken and beef pasta, and the assorted fried rice, which is top-notch. Alayi also offers a variety of your favorite meals, ensuring there's something for everyone. The food is not only mouthwatering but also beautifully served in paper bags, intensifying the anticipation of the good things to come. Their fresh juice has also received high praises for its refreshing taste. Although there's a small room for improvement in the cleaning of the prawns, the overall dining experience at Alayi Chinese Restaurant is enjoyable. If you are after a restaurant in Accra that combines great service, a welcoming atmosphere, and delicious food, Alayi is worth a visit.

What Customers are Saying

#GoodFood #LargePortionSizes #GoodService #FriendlyStaff #AffordablePrices
"Nice place, they made a really nice stir fry chicken and beef pasta for me at 80 cedis and their fresh juice is always great." - Jasmine Enokela

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Chinese, italian
  • Opening times: 10.30am-4.30am
  • Address: Ga-055-8941, Papa Monrovia street, Accra, Ghana

6. Wok Boyz Asian Street Food Osu

Experience the vibrancy and dynamism of Asian street food at Wok Boyz Asian Street Food Osu in Accra. With a menu that boasts a variety of Asian culinary delights, you're bound to find something that tickles your taste buds. The udon noodles with prawns, curry laksa, and chicken fried rice come highly recommended by our patrons. For a unique twist, the molten red curry shrimp balls are a must-try. As soon as you walk in, you'll be captivated by the restaurant's cool, graffiti-style artwork that brings an edgy, urban vibe to the compact space. The design is an inspired take on the bustling streets of Asia's most famous food districts, making for a unique dining experience. If you prefer a breath of fresh air, the outdoor seating area offers a relaxing atmosphere that's a wonderful surprise in the city's hustle and bustle. The staff at Wok Boyz are as warm as they are efficient, guiding you through the menu and ensuring your food arrives promptly. Despite its popularity, the restaurant maintains a speedy service, ensuring that your food is served fresh and hot. Please note that while Wok Boyz does not currently offer a delivery service, they are more than happy to accommodate dine-in and pick-up orders. However, please be advised that some customers have noted the use of single-use plastic cutlery and food containers in the restaurant, which may be a concern for the environmentally conscious diner. Embark on a culinary journey through Asia at Wok Boyz Asian Street Food Osu - where the food is as vibrant as the setting.

What Customers are Saying

#GraffitiStyleArtwork #FastService #OutdoorSeating #NoDeliveryOption #PlasticCutleryandSingleUsePlasticFoodContainers
"The food was so good! Can't wait to try some of their other menu options. We tried the udon noodles with prawns, curry laksa, and chicken fried rice. It didn't take long for the food to come out. The young lady who took our order was very nice and held us navigate the menu. The restaurant is small inside but has a cool vibe with lots of graffiti style artwork." - Akosua Akuffo

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Asian
  • Opening Times: 11am-11pm
  • Address: Oxford St, Accra, Ghana

7. Oven and Kitchen Chinese Restaurant East Legon

Nestled in the heart of East Legon on Lagos Avenue, Oven and Kitchen Chinese Restaurant is a hidden gem offering an array of rich, nutritional delicacies. It is a place where a gloomy day can transform into one of brightness, thanks to their quick service and delicious food. The restaurant specializes in an extensive menu that includes assorted noodles, shrimp noodles, and a variety of rice options such as fried, Jollof, curry, and plain rice. These dishes can be perfectly paired with their delectable grilled chicken or served with potato or yam chips. Oven and Kitchen's food is not just tasty, but also health-conscious, designed to boost the immune system. Their Grilled Chicken with Fried Rice and Beef Szechuan Sauce is a standout dish, described by patrons as 'superbly mouthwatering'. The restaurant's management is highly responsive and committed to rectifying any issues quickly and efficiently. The manager, Titi, is particularly noted for her excellent customer service and personal approach to ensure guest satisfaction. While the restaurant's culinary mastery shines, their freshly squeezed pineapple juice deserves special mention, serving as a refreshing accompaniment to any meal. The affordability of the food for the portion sizes offered is also appreciated by patrons, making Oven and Kitchen a great choice for both casual dining and office events. Though there may be room for improvement on some dishes, Oven and Kitchen Chinese Restaurant maintains its reputation for nice, good food and prompt, caring service, creating an overall positive dining experience. Future guests are encouraged to explore the assortment of options on the menu for a taste of their rich, nutritious offerings.

What Customers are Saying

#AssortedNoodles #ShrimpsNoodles #GrilledChickenwithFriedRiceJollofRiceCurryRiceWhiteorPlainRice #PotatoChipsYamChipswithBeefSzechuanSauceBeefwithmixedVegetableSauce #Healthyfoods
"Oven & Kitchen,At Lagos Avenue,East Legon is the joint for all these rich nutritional delicacies. My day was dull due to my schedule at work. So I decided to go to this restaurant located at East Legon, at Lagos Avenue (OVEN & KITCHEN) . My day turned from gloomy to brightness . Their food sparked up my day with quick response."- Lemuel Leumas

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Chinese, African
  • Opening Times: 11am-8pm
  • Address: 5 Lagos Ave, Accra, Ghana

In Summary:

Exploring the culinary delights of Accra's Chinese dining scene has been a journey through a myriad of flavors and experiences. The "7 Best Chinese Restaurants in Accra" showcased establishments that not only embrace the authenticity of Chinese cuisine but also add their unique touch to the city's diverse gastronomic tapestry. Whether you're drawn to traditional classics or eager to embark on a culinary adventure, these restaurants stand as beacons of excellence in bringing the rich flavors of China to Accra. Embrace the allure of Chinese gastronomy in the heart of Accra's dining landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chinese Restaurants in Accra

What makes Chinese cuisine popular in Accra?

Chinese cuisine in Accra is renowned for its diverse flavors, aromatic dishes, and the skillful blend of ingredients, appealing to a wide range of taste preferences.

Are Chinese restaurants in Accra authentic?

Many Chinese restaurants in Accra pride themselves on offering authentic dishes, prepared by skilled chefs trained in traditional Chinese culinary techniques.

Do Chinese restaurants in Accra cater to dietary restrictions?

Yes, most Chinese restaurants in Accra are accommodating to dietary restrictions, offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options upon request.

Are there family-friendly Chinese restaurants in Accra?

Yes, several Chinese restaurants in Accra are family-friendly, providing a welcoming atmosphere suitable for both couples and families.

Is it necessary to make reservations at Chinese restaurants in Accra?

Reservations are advisable, especially during peak hours or special occasions, to secure a table and ensure a smooth dining experience in Chinese restaurants across Accra.

What are some popular Chinese dishes to try in Accra?

Popular Chinese dishes in Accra include classics such as Sweet and Sour Chicken, Peking Duck, Dim Sum, and a variety of flavorful stir-fried noodles and rice dishes.

Do Chinese restaurants in Accra offer delivery services?

Many Chinese restaurants in Accra provide delivery services, allowing patrons to enjoy their favorite dishes in the comfort of their homes.

Are there upscale Chinese dining options in Accra?

Yes, Accra boasts upscale Chinese restaurants that offer a more refined dining experience, perfect for special occasions or those seeking an elevated culinary adventure.

Do Chinese restaurants in Accra offer traditional tea selections?

Yes, many Chinese restaurants in Accra include traditional tea selections on their menus, allowing diners to complement their meals with a variety of teas.

Are there all-you-can-eat buffets at Chinese restaurants in Accra?

Some Chinese restaurants in Accra offer all-you-can-eat buffets, providing a diverse selection of dishes for patrons to enjoy at a fixed price.

Can I find regional Chinese cuisines in Accra, or is it primarily Cantonese?

While Cantonese cuisine is prevalent, some Chinese restaurants in Accra may also offer dishes from other regions, providing a broader representation of Chinese culinary diversity.

Are Chinese restaurants in Accra open for lunch and dinner?

Yes, the majority of Chinese restaurants in Accra are open for both lunch and dinner, offering a convenient dining option for various schedules.

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