Prepare to have your pizza passport stamped as we unlock the secrets of the world's most delectable slices in our comprehensive guide to the "Best 7 Must-Try Pizzerias Across the World." Whether you crave the authenticity of Italian traditions or the bold innovations of international flavors, these pizzerias are a culinary odyssey waiting to be savored. Each destination offers a distinctive take on this beloved dish. Join us on this epicurean journey as we explore not only the flavors but also the atmospheres, stories, and culinary prowess that have earned these pizzerias a spot on our coveted list.

10 Pizzeria Spots Around the World

1. Reflection Pizza Bar

Welcome to Reflection Pizza Bar, a charming sanctuary nestled in South Africa that promises an idyllic dining experience. Here, a warm and relaxing ambiance is complemented by outstanding service and mouthwatering cuisine. The tables, thoughtfully spread out, offer a sense of secluded tranquility, allowing each party to enjoy their meal in peace and privacy. On scorching days, patrons are kept cool and refreshed by a delicate mist spray, adding another layer to the unique dining experience. This restaurant is more than just a place to eat; it's a haven for family and friends. Every corner of the deck is designed to create an intimate atmosphere, with the inclusion of tiny sandpits and play areas that ensures youngest guests have plenty to keep them entertained. They also cater to pets, serving them snacks and water, making Reflection Pizza Bar a delightful choice for dog owners. The culinary repertoire, though specializing in pizza, is crafted to cater to a variety of palates. Pizza lovers may choose from an array of options, starting from 11 am, with standout choices such as the spicy Mexicana and the gourmet Milana. The pizza dough, crisp and light, perfectly compliments the rich topping, leading to an explosion of flavors with every bite. For those preferring lighter fare, the mini quiche is a delightful option. The restaurant also boasts an impressive drinks menu, with the rock shandy being a fan favorite, skillfully crafted with just the right amount of bitters. Complement your meal with a lovely bottle of Chardonnay, or pick from the wide selection of beverages to find the perfect match for your taste. The team, led by individuals like Brighton, ensures that each dish is served within time and every customer leaves with a smile. Whether you're planning a lunch date, a family day out, or just craving some delicious food and drinks in a serene setting, Reflection Pizza Bar awaits with open arms and the promise of a memorable experience.

What Customers are Saying

#OutdoorSeating #PetFriendly #PizzaService #PlayAreaforKids #FriendlyStaff
"What a lovely addition this bar has been. Who doesn't love a deck!!?? The seating arrangement makes you feel like you are the only people there, and every corner is private. There are tiny sandpits and play areas for kiddies, and the best part is that your dog is allowed. Doggies get served with snacks and water too. Pizza is served from 11am." - Jane “JaneyPaney” Schultz

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Opening Times: 8am - 6pm
  • Address: Broadacres Shopping Centre, Cedar Rd, Broadacres, Sandton, 2055, South Africa , Gauteng

2. Pizzaman Chickenman - East Legon

At Pizzaman Chickenman - East Legon, your cravings meet their match! Dive into a world of culinary delights where succulent jollof rice and crispy chicken wings steal the spotlight, ensuring each dining experience is truly unforgettable. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond the kitchen, with friendly and attentive staff always ready to guide you through the perfect order. Expect a quick and delightful meal, as an efficient service ensures a wait time of no more than 20 minutes. The star attractions? Impeccably cooked jollof rice, always served piping hot, and flavor-packed chicken wings that promise to tantalize your taste buds with every bite. Don't forget their pizza – a crowd favorite made with fresh ingredients, sure to be a hit for your entire party. For an exceptional dining experience, look no further than Pizzaman Chickenman - East Legon. Satisfaction and a full stomach are guaranteed!

What Customers are Saying

#Enjoyable Pizza
"So each time I go on social media, there’s always someone talking about Pizza man/Chicken man and personally I thought they just invested a lot in advert so it was just hype. I decided to try it and it was definitely worth the hype. First customer service was good but i had to wait for like 30 minutes to get my order which was annoying at first but it was worth it I guess. The jollof was so good and a lot. The chicken wings was extremely spicy (which was a bummer because I don’t like spicy stuff) but I managed to eat some and it was good. The pizza was gooood. I’ll definitely go back and try their friedrice."  

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Opening Times: 7.30am - 1am
  • Address: 136 La-Bawaleshi Rd, Accra, Ghana , Greater Accra

3. Panarottis Lekki Mall

Set in the heart of Lagos, Panarottis Lekki Mall offers a delightful dining experience that charms the senses and tantalizes the taste buds. This vibrant restaurant, renowned for its beautiful ambiance, is the perfect setting to enjoy a hearty meal. As you step inside, expect a warm welcome and a menu that promises to serve glory – as one thrilled customer put it. The highlight of Panarottis' culinary offerings is undoubtedly the pizza. Expertly crafted, with both the thickness and the crust perfected to a golden standard, this eatery has quickly become a 'go-to' pizza spot for many. The restaurant's Chicken and Mushroom pizza, in particular, has won over the hearts of patrons, who describe it as yummy, delicious, and ready in no time. Not to be outdone, the Meat Supreme pizza has also received rave reviews for its generous helpings of cheese and sauce. Aside from their pizza, Panarottis also serves a delectable spaghetti and chicken dish, with extra mozzarella cheese. Paired with their highly-praised milkshake, this meal becomes a feast that one cannot easily forget. Despite the impressive menu, Panarottis' commitment to excellent customer service sets it apart. The attentive staff, including a dedicated manager who ensures guests are satisfied with their dining experience, contribute to the restaurant's overall appeal. However, guests should note that Panarottis Lekki Mall serves pork meat, which might not align with the dietary restrictions of some religions. While there have been occasional remarks about the food being overly oily or the preparation time being slightly long, the overall consensus is that Panarottis Lekki Mall is a lovely restaurant that delivers on taste, ambiance, and service.

What Customers are Saying

#GreatCustomerService #DeliciousPizza #BeautifulEnvironment #GenerousToppings #VarietyinMenu
"The pizza I ordered was really good, they were generous with the cheese, sauce (meat supreme, I think it was called). The crust wasn't too thin or thick and it was so properly done. I have their number stored. This is my new 'go to' pizza spot." - Gabby F

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Opening Times: 8am - 10pm
  • Address: Novare Mall, Sangotedo Lekki-Epe Expressway Lekki, Eti-Osa 105102, Lagos, Nigeria , Lagos

4. Gourmet Pizza Company

Gourmet Pizza Company, nestled in the heart of Abuja, is a beloved go-to spot for pizza lovers. This establishment is known for its fast and efficient service, allowing you to grab a quick bite without compromising on the quality of your meal. A primarily take-out and delivery restaurant, Gourmet Pizza Company offers the convenience of ordering your favorite pizza and having it delivered to your preferred location in record time. The restaurant’s personnel is highly-trained and well-coordinated, ensuring a seamless experience from the moment you place your order to your food's delivery. Payment is also hassle-free with the option to pay via bank. The culinary star at Gourmet Pizza Company is, of course, their pizza. The pizza, which many customers regard as the best in Abuja, is prepared quickly without sacrificing taste. Whether you opt for pickup or delivery, you can expect your pizza to be ready in minutes, leaving no room for unnecessary waiting. The flavors of Gourmet Pizza Company's offerings are consistently exceptional, with the crust’s texture and the toppings’ freshness playing crucial roles in creating an unforgettable pizza experience. However, do note that the restaurant's other offerings, like their salads, may not match up to the high standards set by their pizzas. In terms of ambiance, while Gourmet Pizza Company is majorly a take-out and delivery spot, there's a shared sentiment among patrons for a sit-down area to enjoy their meals. Despite this, the restaurant remains a favorite spot for individuals, families, and loved ones looking for a delicious, quick, and convenient meal in the vibrant city of Abuja.

What Customers are Saying

#Goodforkids #Takeoutrestaurant #Deliveryservice #FastService #Tastypizza
"This is a pizza restaurant. Good for kids, family, individual or loved ones. Its a good place to grab a quick bite. Its majorly a take out restaurant and they do delivery to your requested location. Place your order, pay via bank and your order arrives to the location of your choice. They have well trained and coordinated staff. The pizza really tastes nice and delicious." - Stephen Aruwa Tanko

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Opening Times: 12pm - 9pm
  • Address: 20 Street, off IBB way, Thaba Tseka St, Wuse 904101, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

5. Kantien

Welcome to Kantien, a fantastic eatery nestled in the heart of South Africa, where every visit transforms into a truly exceptional culinary adventure. Kantien is steered by the incredibly talented Chef Bertus and his dedicated team, who have meticulously crafted a feel-good menu that promises to enchant your palate. Each item on the menu is a testament to their culinary expertise, prepared with an explosion of flavors that ensures a delightful dining experience for all. Kantien shines brightly as a go-to destination for pizza lovers, offering what is often hailed as the perfect Margarita pizza. From the flawless pizza base, to the perfectly balanced tomato sauce, and the crowning glory of the finest cheese, each component is a masterclass in gastronomic perfection. The pizzas here are a tribute to authentic Italian style, with each bite transporting you straight to the streets of Naples. Beyond their pizzas, Kantien extends its culinary brilliance to a variety of offerings. The soft serve ice cream is a crowd-favorite, loved for its luscious texture and decadent flavor. The restaurant's wine selection is commendable, with reasonably priced options that perfectly complement the food. The ambiance at Kantien is nothing short of enchanting. The courtyard is a lovely spot to unwind, offering a serene backdrop to your meal. Inside, you'll find a treasure trove of Harley collectibles, an unexpected treat that adds an extra layer of charm to your dining experience. The service at Kantien is exceptional, with a team of friendly and helpful staff ensuring your every need is met with promptness. For the brandy aficionados, Kantien boasts an impressive brandy special that is not to be missed. At Kantien, food is not merely served, but celebrated. It's more than just a restaurant, it's a culinary journey that awaits your exploration.

What Customers Are Saying

#DeliciousFood #ChefBertus #ReasonablePrices #ItalianStylePizza #GreatWine
"Fantastic eatery to visit, with delicious food. Chef Bertus and his team have put together a lovely feel good/food menu. Just about every item on the menu is worth trying, the food is prepared with big flavour, you won't be disappointed. I will definitely be back for more." - Kierron Reddy

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Italian, French
  • Opening Times: 12pm - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 8pm
  • Address: 6 Papegaai St, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7601, South Africa , Western Cape

6. George & Dragon

Step into George & Dragon, a vibrant restaurant nestled in the heart of Tanzania, where the ambiance transports you to a classic London pub. With its charmingly relaxed atmosphere, this unique dining destination is perfect for those searching for a cozy spot to unwind with a delicious meal or drink. The welcoming manager, Rishi, and his friendly, attentive staff are always ready to ensure you have an exceptional dining experience. George & Dragon is housed in a spacious, barn-like building, complete with both large internal seating and dining areas, and an open-air garden. Whether you're looking for an intimate indoor setting or prefer to dine al fresco, this restaurant has the perfect space for you. The large outdoor seating areas, complete with ample shade, offer a fantastic view of the town at night, adding an extra layer of allure to your visit. The menu at George & Dragon is filled with culinary delights that are sure to satisfy. The restaurant is particularly known for its amazing pizzas, which come in a unique square shape. Whether you're a pizza enthusiast or simply a food lover, you'll find their pizzas to be a mouth-watering treat. Among their other specialties are the excellent fish & chips and sausages in batter, both of which are served to UK pub grub standards. In addition to its delectable food, George & Dragon boasts a fantastic drink selection, making it a great spot for a casual drink or a lively night out. The restaurant also features a large projection TV, making it an ideal location for sports fans who want to catch the latest games. The groovy and relaxed ambiance is further amplified by a carefully curated music playlist, featuring an enjoyable mix of new and old tunes. For those interested, the restaurant also offers sheesha. While the prices may be slightly higher compared to other restaurants, the exceptional quality of the food, service, and overall dining experience at George & Dragon makes it worth every penny. It's more than just a restaurant - it's a place where good food meets good vibes, creating an unforgettable dining experience for all.

#FriendlyStaff #GreatAmbience #GoodPizza #OutdoorSeating #ProjectionTVforSports
"It's a nice, chill place, looking to grab drinks & quick food. This is the place. The manager Rishi is very friendly. The ambience makes you feel like you're in a Pub in London. Their Pizzas are amazing. And they have got square ones. They have got sheesha as well. The price is comparatively to other restaurants is expensive. Loved the music playing on the background. At least there was some mix of new & old music." - Hiren Pandya

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: British and Italian
  • Opening Times: 4pm - 11pm
  • Address: Coco Plaza, 254 Toure Dr, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania , Dar es Salaam

7. Fugazzi Rosebank

Welcome to Fugazzi SA, a delightful culinary hotspot in South Africa renowned for its delicious Italian cuisine and vibrant ambiance. Nestled in the heart of Rosebank, this gem is celebrated for serving delectable pizzas, flavorful pastas, and a selection of tantalizing cocktails that are sure to entice your taste buds. The restaurant's atmosphere is one of its key attractions, with a charming diner-inspired decor that facilitates delightful photo opportunities. The aesthetics are both cute and appealing, featuring an indoor area with cozy booths and group tables, as well as an outdoor section for those who prefer alfresco dining. It's a bustling and lively spot, particularly in the busy December period, yet it never feels stuffy or overcrowded. The service at Fugazzi SA is consistently lauded, with patrons praising the efficiency and friendliness of the staff. The super-efficient service remains unwavering even during peak hours, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for all. Waiters like SBU come highly recommended for their excellent attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction. Fugazzi SA's menu, though concise, boasts a good variety of options. Their pizzas and pastas are a definite must-try, regarded for their amazing flavor profiles. Other notable dishes include the arancini and the wings & mac & cheese. For those with a sweet tooth, do not miss the Pistachio gelato, it's nothing short of heavenly. The food is a bit on the pricier side, reflecting the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the chefs, but the generous portions do provide good value. Even though Fugazzi is primarily a restaurant, it's also a perfect spot for drinks, offering a variety of tasty cocktails that will surely enhance your dining experience. Whether you're visiting for a heritage day lunch or a casual Saturday evening dinner, Fugazzi SA promises to exceed your expectations in every aspect. So, if you're in town and have an affinity for delicious Italian cuisine, Fugazzi SA is a place you must certainly check out.

What Customers are Saying

#Amazingpizza #Tastycocktails #Goodservice #Nicedecor #Pistachiogelato
"Fugazzi is definitely a nice spot! Amazing pizza, tasty cocktails The wings & mac & cheese is okay Would definitely recommend the pizza & pasta It was noisy as it was mid-December The service is good The food is a bit pricy so keep that in mind But would recommend checking them out The aesthetics are cute." - Rhiita N

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean
  • Opening Times: 8am - 11pm
  • Address: Cradock Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa , Gauteng

Pizza Passport Stamped:

Our quest for the best has come to a close, leaving us with a pizza passport stamped with flavors and experiences. These seven pizzerias have proven that the love for pizza knows no borders. As you venture forth, may each pizza slice be a reminder of the delectable journey we've shared, and may your pizza cravings lead you to new and exciting destinations!