Sundays in Accra are a celebration of flavors and indulgence, and what better way to savor the day than with an exquisite brunch experience? Join us on a culinary adventure as we unveil the finest restaurants in Accra, where Sunday brunch is not just a meal but a symphony of delectable delights. From enticing spreads to vibrant atmospheres, these establishments promise to elevate your Sunday to a gastronomic celebration you won't soon forget. Get ready to explore the best Sunday brunch spots in Accra, where each bite is a journey, and every moment is a feast for the senses.
Your Ultimate Guide to Sunday Brunch Bliss in Accra
Discover Brunch Hotspots:
Start your Sunday brunch journey by uncovering the city's hidden gems. Popular spots like The Republic Bar & Grill or Skybar 25 are known for their exceptional brunch experiences.
Peek into Reviews:
Dive into the stories of fellow brunch enthusiasts. Online reviews offer insights into each restaurant's unique atmosphere and culinary offerings.
Preview Menus:
Get a taste of what's in store by checking out brunch menus online. From local delights to international flavors, choose a spot that resonates with your cravings.
Book Your Spot:
Secure your Sunday happiness by making early reservations. Whether you prefer a cozy corner or a lively setting, booking in advance ensures a seamless experience.
Choose Your Time:
Timing is everything! Decide if you're aiming for a leisurely late morning brunch or an early afternoon feast. Tailor your experience to your preferred ambiance.
Savor Diverse Flavors:
Embrace the diversity of Accra's brunch scene. Whether you're a fan of jollof rice or crave avocado toast, choose a restaurant that caters to your eclectic taste.
Capture the Moment:
Bring along your camera or smartphone to capture the smiles and the mouthwatering dishes. Share your brunch adventures on social media, spreading the joy of Accra's culinary treasures.
Embark on your brunch escapade armed with these seven steps and let Accra's vibrant culinary scene elevate your Sunday to new heights. Enjoy the flavors, the vibes, and the unforgettable moments!

7 Best Restaurants in Accra, Ghana for Sunday Brunch

1. Lancaster Accra

The Lancaster Accra stands out as a remarkable restaurant, offering guests an exceptional dining experience, including the indulgence of a delightful Sunday brunch. Immerse yourself in a welcoming and snug atmosphere, where a delectable buffet-style spread awaits. The attentive staff ensures prompt and courteous service, enhancing the overall dining experience. The restaurant, known for its cleanliness and friendly ambiance, boasts a diverse menu featuring both local and international dishes. The weekends come alive with the addition of live music, creating an atmosphere that is both lively and serene. Perfect for those seeking calm and peaceful surroundings, The Lancaster Accra's restaurant operates throughout the day, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a delightful Sunday brunch. Seafood enthusiasts will be delighted with a diverse array of options on the menu. The combination of excellent service, inviting ambiance, and culinary excellence, including the indulgence of a Sunday brunch, makes The Lancaster Accra a top choice for those looking to unwind in a serene and secure environment.

What Customers are Saying

#Saturdaybuffetdinner #GoodAmbience #FamilyBuffet #BirthdayCelebrations #BreakfastBuffet
"Great place for a family buffet, great service. Loved the chicken soup, 7/10 food in general. Had the team bring in a surprise birthday cake at a fee. 10/10 experience. Highly recommend." - Selena A

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.4

Ambience Score: 3.8

Service Score: 3.2

Food Score: 3.8

Average Spend: 60 Cedis

  • Cuisine: African
  • Opening Times: 24/7
  • Address: Liberation Road, Accra, Ghana

2. Potbelly Shack

Stepping into Potbelly Shack Adjiringanor is akin to embarking on a tantalizing culinary journey that showcases the rich and diverse flavors of Ghana. This delightful outdoor eatery, with its charming ambiance and unique blend of tradition and comfort, offers a memorable dining experience that feels like a local street BBQ, adding a touch of authenticity to every visit. Potbelly Shack Adjiringanor is particularly known for its Sunday buffet, a gastronomic extravaganza that runs from 1 pm to 6 pm. The buffet, although light on meat, offers an array of local dishes, each one thoughtfully crafted to represent the authentic tastes of the region.  Furthermore, Potbelly Shack Adjiringanor is also an excellent venue for hosting events, thanks to its spacious and comfortable setting. Whether you're planning a casual get-together or a grand celebration, this restaurant promises a memorable event characterized by delightful food and commendable service. With its competitive pricing, good food, and friendly staff, Potbelly Shack Adjiringanor is a restaurant that comes highly recommended for anyone seeking a taste of local Ghanaian cuisine in a relaxed and inviting setting.

What Customers are Saying

#OutdoorSeating #LocalCuisine #SundayBuffet #GoodforEvents #CocktailsandDrinks
"Potbelly Shack: Unveiling Local Delights at the Sunday Buffet! At Potbelly Shack's Sunday buffet, I had the pleasure of savoring a delightful array of local dishes. The restaurant's focus on showcasing the region's culinary treasures made it a truly unique and enjoyable experience. From the moment I arrived, I was enchanted by the inviting aroma and vibrant flavors of the dishes, each one expertly crafted to represent the authentic tastes of the area. The restaurant's commitment to using fresh and local ingredients was evident in every bite, and Minah, the welcoming manager, added a personal touch to the dining experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to indulge in the rich and diverse flavors of the region at Potbelly Shack's Sunday buffet, which runs from 1 pm to 6 pm. It's a must-visit for all food enthusiasts looking to explore the best of local cuisine!" - George Frimps

Restaurant information

Overall Rating: 4.3

Ambience Score: 4.1

Service Score: 3.8

Food Score: 3.6

Average Spend: GH₵150

  • Cuisine: African
  • Opening Times: 10am-1am
  • Address: 91 Adjiringano Rd, Accra, Ghana

3. Labadi Beach Hotel

As the sun sets, Labadi Beach Restaurant truly comes alive. On one end, you'll find energetic parties resonating with music, while on the other, a serene scene unfolds with nothing but the waves, water, and local fishermen quietly going about their work. This contrast offers a unique, two-sided experience that is thrilling yet peaceful at the same time. For those seeking a quieter dining experience, a stroll down to the far end of the beach will lead you to what is fondly called 'Lovers Cove'. Here, you can enjoy a tranquil meal on flat rocks as the waves gently crash against them, providing a peaceful backdrop for your dining experience. While the prices may be a bit on the higher side, the unique ambiance, thrilling activities, and diverse dining options make Labadi Beach Restaurant a must-visit destination. You are advised to visit during the weekdays for a more serene experience.

What Customers are Saying

#CrowdedonWeekends #BeachActivities #VarietyofRestaurants #MerchantsSellingTrinkets #HorsebackRiding
"Always my go-to place when I just want to relax at the beach or take my kids on a mini vacation. Staff are super friendly, food is great, rooms are clean and room service is on point. Friday nights at lagoon bar is always epic with Dj Black with good food, drinks and music!" - Geraldine Bridget

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.2

Ambience Score: 4.2

Service Score: 4.2

Food Score: 4.2

  • Cuisine: African
  • Opening Times: 24/7
  • Address: La Rd, Accra, Ghana

4. Alisa Hotel North Bridge

Alisa Hotel North Ridge is a place where luxury meets comfort, nestled in the heart of Ghana. It's an elegant destination that offers an intimate dining experience, perfect for both romantic dates and casual dinners. The moment you step into the restaurant, you're welcomed into a beautifully designed space adorned with soft lighting and cozy seating arrangements. The hotel's restaurant prides itself on its service, with a team of staff who are not only attentive and friendly, but also committed to making your experience memorable. Their kindness and professionalism are consistently praised, ensuring that you feel right at home throughout your visit. One of the highlights of the Alisa Hotel is undoubtedly the food. Every meal is prepared with care and precision, from the delicious room service options to the exquisite dinner selections. The breakfast bar is a standout feature, providing immense value with its assortment of dishes. The Sunday Brunch buffet costs 350 cedis per head for adults

What Customers are Saying

#InRoomDining #BreakfastBar #RomanticAmbiance #FriendlyStaff #LuxuriousSetting
"Our date at Alisa Hotel was nothing short of magical. From the moment we stepped into the elegant lobby to the exquisite dinner at the hotel's restaurant, every moment was filled with romance and charm. The ambiance was perfect for an intimate evening, with soft lighting and cozy seating arrangements. The staff were attentive and friendly, adding to the overall wonderful experience. We enjoyed every bite of the delicious food and savored each other's company in this luxurious setting. Alisa Hotel truly provided the perfect backdrop for a memorable date with my girlfriend." - Pissan Michael

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.5

Ambience Score: 4.3

Service Score: 4.2

Food Score: 4.6

  • Cuisine: African, Continental
  • Opening Times: 24/7
  • Address: 21 Dr Isert St, Accra, Ghana

5. AH Hotel and Conference

Welcome to AH Hotel and Conference, where African hospitality meets international standards in a warm and welcoming environment. This restaurant, nestled in the heart of Ghana, is renowned for its excellent customer service, provided by a team of dedicated relationship managers and staff who are always ready to turn your dining experience into something truly special. The culinary offerings at AH Hotel and Conference are nothing short of exquisite. The restaurant takes pride in its buffet lunch and dinner, lauded by patrons as being 'too good for the price.' From the sumptuous seafood spread on Thursdays to the traditional African feast on Sundays (which costs 320 cedis for adults), there's something to tantalize every palate. The menu, albeit a bit repetitive for long-stay guests, is filled with a variety of delicious meals, ensuring that you have a range of options to choose from. You can always opt for the a la carte menu to customize your dining experience. Whether it's a surprise birthday cake for a patron or a heartfelt apology for delays, the staff go above and beyond to make things right. They continually strive to uphold our high standard of service and food, ensuring every visit is a delightful experience.

What Customers are Saying

#Buffetlunchanddinner #Conferencefacilities #Spaciouscarpark #Alacartemenu #Customizablenonalcoholicdrinks
"AH provides excellent customer support. The relationship managers are a great team. I enjoy talking to them. Their buffet lunch and dinner are too good for the price. The conference facilities provide a good venue for seminars, workshops, and dinners. AH Hotel & Conference has a spacious car park for all your guests. No need to worry! I will recommend AH Hotel & Conferencing any day." - Collins Duodu Praah

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.4

Ambience Score: 4.2

Service Score: 4.2

Food Score: 4.1

Average Spend: 250 cedis

  • Cuisine: African
  • Opening Times: 24/7
  • Address: 84/86, american house, 1st Boundary Rd, Accra, Ghana

6. Amorcocina

Embark on a culinary journey at Amorcocina African and Continental Cuisine, located in the heart of Ghana. This restaurant offers a magnificent fusion of traditional African and continental dishes, all served in a delightfully local setting. The ambiance is incredibly serene, making it an ideal spot for patrons looking to enjoy a peaceful meal with loved ones. The food at Amorcocina doesn't just taste amazing, it's a sensory experience. Every dish is prepared with care, presenting a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving more. One of the most talked-about highlights is their buffet which costs 300 cedis, offering a variety of dishes that provide a comforting, homecoming feel. The service at Amorcocina is top-notch, adding to the overall dining experience. The staff are committed to ensuring that every patron leaves with a satisfied palate and a memorable dining experience. 

What Customers are Saying

#GreatAtmosphere #TopNotchService #SereneSpace #GoodforLovedOnes #DeliciousFood
"Love the local biggest set up. Food taste amazing too." - Racheal Anane Antwi

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.4

Ambience Score: 4.0

Service Score: 3.8

Food Score: 4.2

  • Cuisine: African, Continental
  • Opening Times: 10am-8.30pm
  • Address: Boundary round, Accra, Ghana

7. The Corridor Gardens Restaurant and Bar

Exuding a serene and beautiful ambiance, The Corridor Gardens Restaurant and Bar is an ideal hideout nestled in the heart of Ghana. The establishment boasts of a spacious setting that is impeccably clean, providing an atmosphere of tranquility that allows patrons to enjoy their meals in peace. The restaurant's environment is further enhanced by a skillful DJ whose music selection complements the dining experience from start to finish. At The Corridor Gardens, customer service is more than just a priority; it is an art form. From the wait staff to the managers and cleaners, every team member exudes warmth and professionalism, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. Culinary delights at The Corridor Gardens are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The restaurant prides itself on serving a delectable array of dishes, showcasing the richness of local cuisine. The buffet menu offers an expansive selection of delicious meals that cater to a variety of palate preferences. This is perfect for Sunday brunch, and it costs 200 cedis only! Adding to the authentic dining experience, the restaurant encourages patrons to eat with their hands, providing warm lemon water for handwashing—an appreciated touch that enhances the overall dining experience.

What Customers are Saying

#GreatService #DeliciousFood #SpaciousAmbience #NiceStaff #CleanSetting
"Served by Albert my first time here. The food was wonderful and the service amazing. Albert kept us laughing all night. We ate yams with palava stew. There was salmon and beef in my stew; an unexpected but excellent combination. My drink was also well made and clearly fresh. Of course I ate with my hands and appreciated the warm lemon water provided for washing my hands. I'll be back!!" - Abigail Osei

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.6

Ambience Score: 4.8

Service Score: 4.7

Food Score: 4.7

Average Spend: GH₵150-200

  • Cuisine: African
  • Opening Times: 10am-10pm
  • Address: Boundary Rd, Accra, Ghana

Wrapping Up

As our brunch journey through Accra comes to a close, it's more than just about the delectable dishes and inviting atmospheres—it's about the warmth of shared moments and the joy that Sunday brunch brings to our hearts. These restaurants have woven tales of flavor, creating spaces where every bite is a reminder of the diverse and vibrant culinary landscape of Accra. As you navigate the tempting menus and soak in the lively vibes of Accra's best Sunday brunch spots, remember that it's not just about the food; it's about relishing life's simple pleasures. Gather your friends and family, let the flavors dance on your taste buds, and savor the essence of Sunday brunch in Accra—a delightful symphony that leaves a lasting impression on your heart.

Frequently Asked Questions about Restaurants in Accra For Sunday Brunch

Q: What makes Sunday brunch in Accra so special?

A: Accra’s Sunday brunch scene is a unique blend of flavors, ambiance, and community. It’s a time to indulge in delicious food, connect with loved ones, and create unforgettable memories that linger long after the last bite.

Q: Which restaurants in Accra are known for their amazing Sunday brunch?

A: Accra is home to a variety of fantastic brunch spots, each offering its own unique charm. From the cozy vibes of The Lancaster Accra to the bustling energy of other local favorites, there’s a brunch spot for every taste and preference.

Q: What kind of dishes can I expect to find at Sunday brunch in Accra?

A: Sunday brunch in Accra is a feast for the senses, featuring everything from classic breakfast staples like pancakes and eggs Benedict to savory lunch options like sandwiches and salads. And let’s not forget the indulgent desserts that round out the meal!

Q: Can these restaurants accommodate dietary restrictions during Sunday brunch?

A: Absolutely! Many restaurants in Accra are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or have specific allergies, just let your server know, and they’ll ensure you have a delicious and satisfying brunch experience.

Q: Should I make reservations for Sunday brunch in Accra?

A: It’s always a good idea to make reservations, especially if you’re planning to dine with a larger group or visit a popular brunch spot. This ensures you’ll have a table waiting for you and can start enjoying your brunch without any delays.

Q: Is there live entertainment at Sunday brunch in Accra?

A: Absolutely! Some restaurants, like The Lancaster Accra, often feature live music during Sunday brunch, adding to the festive atmosphere and making your dining experience even more enjoyable.

Q: How long does Sunday brunch typically last in Accra?

A: Sunday brunch in Accra usually starts around late morning and continues until early afternoon. However, specific timings may vary depending on the restaurant, so it’s best to check ahead of time.

Q: Are there options for families with kids during Sunday brunch in Accra?

A: Definitely! Many restaurants in Accra offer family-friendly options, including kid-friendly menus and activities to keep the little ones entertained while you enjoy your meal.

Q: Can I dine outdoors during Sunday brunch in Accra?

A: Some restaurants in Accra offer outdoor seating options, allowing you to soak up the sunshine and enjoy your brunch in the fresh air. Be sure to inquire about outdoor dining when making your reservation!

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