Welcome to the culinary journey through Kenya, where vibrant flavors and diverse culinary traditions come together to create an exceptional breakfast experience. In a land known for its rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes, the quest for the perfect breakfast is an adventure in itself. Join us as we explore the best restaurants in Kenya, renowned for their exquisite Continental breakfast offerings that seamlessly blend local ingredients with international flair. From cozy cafés nestled in bustling urban centers to serene establishments overlooking picturesque vistas, these culinary havens promise a morning symphony of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you with a lingering appreciation for the diverse gastronomic delights Kenya has to offer. Embark with us on this gastronomic expedition as we unveil the top destinations for a Continental breakfast that transcends boundaries and showcases the true essence of Kenyan hospitality.  


Exploring Breakfast in Kenya: Your Ultimate Guide  

Embark on a mouthwatering journey through Kenya's breakfast scene, where traditional flavors and international influences collide to create unforgettable morning delights. From bustling city spots to tranquil rural cafes, Kenya's diverse culinary landscape offers something for every breakfast enthusiast.


Traditional Kenyan Breakfast Delights:

Start your day with iconic Kenyan dishes like Mandazi (fried dough), Chapati (flaky flatbread), and Uji (maize or millet porridge), each bursting with flavor and cultural significance.  


Urban vs. Rural Breakfast Experiences:

Explore the bustling breakfast scene of urban centers like Nairobi and Mombasa, or venture into the countryside for authentic rural eateries offering a taste of local life.  


Fusion of Flavors:

Experience the innovative fusion of international influences with traditional Kenyan dishes, showcasing the creativity of local chefs and the country's vibrant culinary scene.  


Catering to Dietary Preferences:

Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or have specific dietary restrictions, Kenyan restaurants are accommodating and offer a variety of options to suit your needs.  


Practical Tips for Breakfast Explorations:

Plan your breakfast adventures by checking restaurant opening hours, carrying cash for payment in remote areas, and making reservations for popular spots to avoid disappointment.  


Embark on a breakfast adventure in Kenya and let your taste buds journey through a symphony of flavors and cultures. Whether you're indulging in traditional Kenyan delights or exploring innovative culinary creations, the breakfast scene in Kenya promises a memorable experience that will leave you craving for more.

9 Restaurants in Kenya for Breakfast

1. Tin Roof Cafe

Located in the lush, green oasis of Karen, Kenya, the Tin Roof Café offers a serene and tranquil escape from the bustling city. The café's open seating plan invites you to relax on the terrace, lounge in the beautiful garden, or retreat to the indoor space reminiscent of a cozy cabin. This café is not only dog-friendly but also perfect for children, with dedicated play areas both indoors and outdoors. Tin Roof Café’s culinary delights are a testament to their commitment to healthy and flavorful food. The café also offers an enticing self-serve salad bar featuring a variety of delicious options. For those with a sweet tooth, the café offers a selection of smoothies that are simply to die for. These beverages are crafted without any additives or syrup, reflecting the café's commitment to fresh and healthy ingredients. The service is fast without being rushed, with the staff displaying a keen understanding of the menu and the ingredients used. Despite its premium location, the café offers affordable prices, making it a popular choice for breakfast, lunch, and slightly late lunches.

What Customers are Saying

#HealthyFood #OutdoorSeating #PetFriendly #GoodforKids #FastService
"Calm and serene atmosphere, I always come here for a slightly late lunch. The salads are amazing.I absolutely love the one with quinoa. They serve healthy food so no potato chips only sweet potato and they're equally as good, if not better! The seating area is open, you can sit outside on the terrace, in the garden or inside(it looks like a lovely sitting room in a cabin somewhere) You can also bring your dogs here! It's inside a lush green area, you almost forget you are in the city. They close early, so perfect for breakfast and lunch, late or otherwise." - Joyce Wambui

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.3

Ambience Score: 4.6

Service Score: 4.5

Food Score: 4.6

Average Spend: KES 2,500

  • Cuisine: African, Mediterranean
  • Opening Times: 8am-5.30pm
  • Address: 70, Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi

2. Java House - Phoenix

Welcome to Java House - Phoenix, the heart of Kenya's vibrant culinary scene. Nestled in a convenient locale, away from the city's hustle and bustle, the restaurant boasts the city's best Java and a delightful dining experience that keeps guests coming back. The restaurant offers an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere that meets the needs of various patrons. Whether you're looking for a quiet space to unwind or a comfortable booth for a meeting, Java House - Phoenix has you covered. Numerous seating options, including a serene upstairs area, provide the perfect setting for any occasion. Each booth comes equipped with sockets, enabling guests to work seamlessly while they dine. The view from Java House - Phoenix is an attraction in itself. Customers can soak in the city's beautiful vistas from the comfort of their seats, adding a visual treat to their dining experience. The heart of Java House - Phoenix is its impeccable service, often described as friendly and patient.  The food here is nothing short of exceptional. Known for its uncompromised quality, the restaurant's menu is consistently lauded by its patrons. Given the restaurant's popularity, it's always prudent to be mindful of your surroundings when leaving late at night.

What Customers are Saying

#GoodViews #QuietSittingArea #QualityFood #ConvenientLocation #NiceSeating
"Best Java in town. Nice service. Good food. Good views. Quiet sitting area. There's sitting booths with sockets where you can have meetings or work from." - Dickson Otieno

Restaurant information

Overall Rating: 4.1

Ambience Score: 3.5

Service Score: 3.2

Food Score: 3.7

  • Cuisine: American
  • Opening Times: 6.30am-10pm
  • Address: Uganda House, Nairobi, Kenya , Nairobi

3. The Daily Café and Bistro

Indulge in a delightful culinary experience at The Daily Café and Bistro, located in the secure precincts of Nairobi Hospital. This bistro offers a sublime fusion of serene ambiance, exceptional service, and irresistible cuisine. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, emanating a super cozy and comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxed meal. It is remarkably clean and orderly, accentuated by an aesthetic layout that is pleasing to the eye. Waitstaff at The Daily Café and Bistro are renowned for their attentive, warm, and friendly demeanor, always ready to cater to your specific needs.  The culinary journey at The Daily Café and Bistro is a voyage of tantalizing flavors. The breakfast menu is equally enticing, with fresh, plentiful, and delicious options available.  The Daily Café and Bistro is an ideal spot for Breakfast, Sunday brunch or a late evening meal, offering great value for money. With its beautiful experience that seamlessly blends ambiance, service, and food, it is a place you will find yourself returning to and recommending to friends.

What Customers are Saying

#CustomizableMenu #AttentiveService #FreshFood #GoodAmbience #CleanEnvironment
"This Daily Café is located inside Nairobi Hospital, it is an easy and secure location to get to. I went here for breakfast, upon entry and seating we were quickly attended to. The waiters brought the menu's promptly. The restaurant at a glance was very clean, orderly and very aesthetically pleasing. Once we ordered the food was brought promptly. The food was fresh, plenty and delicious. The coffee and bakery item were both very delicious. The waiters were quick and attentive during my visit, the food was great and the location of the restaurant was great as well and I would overall be happy to return and recommend friends to visit." - George B

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.4

Ambience Score: 4.9

Service Score: 4.5

Food Score: 4.7

Average Spend: KES 1,500-3,000

  • Cuisine: American
  • Opening Times: 7am-9.30pm
  • Address: Argwings Kodhek Road, Kenya

4. CJ'S - Kilimani

Welcome to CJ's Kilimani, an exquisite dining destination nestled in the heart of Kenya. With its spacious multi-level design and intimate private dining options, this restaurant provides an atmosphere that is both grand and inviting. The ambiance is a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance, further accentuated by the tastefully done interior decor. The restaurant's culinary prowess is a delight to the palate, with a myriad of options that cater to varying tastes and preferences.  They do not offer alcoholic beverages. The breakfast options are particularly commendable, with an array of choices that are well worth the price. Parking may require a bit of maneuvering, but the convenient underground parking is a great solution that ensures your visit starts off on a high note. CJ's Kilimani is not just a restaurant; it's a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

What Customers are Saying

#GoodAmbiance #PrivateSpaceforLunches #VarietyinMenu #EfficientService #CleanRestrooms
"A well-situated Gourmet Cafe located in Kilimani. Loads of food opens and excellent coffee. A good chilled out location to meet up with friends and family and cosy enough to work from." - Khush Parmar

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.6

Ambience Score: 4.6

Service Score: 4.6

Food Score: 4.6

Average Spend: KES 2,500

  • Cuisine: African, Mexican
  • Opening Times: 6am-11pm
  • Address: PQ5P+4GV, Nairobi, Kenya

5. The Spring Noshery

Tucked away in the heart of Nairobi, The Spring Noshery invites you to experience a culinary adventure that seamlessly blends local and international flavors. This vibrant restaurant is nestled within the bustling Village Market and also has a spot in Sarit Center, making it the perfect retreat for food lovers looking to enjoy a relaxed meal amid a day of work or shopping. The Spring Noshery is known for its welcoming atmosphere, characterized by a warm, cafe-like ambiance that's ideal for everything from breakfast, casual brunch to a romantic dinner. The friendly and attentive staff members are always on their toes to ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of perfection.  The restaurant's all-day breakfast menu is a crowd-pleaser, offering a diverse selection of dishes that cater to every palate.  The Spring Noshery also has a knack for creating enticing beverages that complement your meal. Whether you're sipping on classic lemonade, enjoying a refreshing hibiscus tea, or exploring their selection of mojitos, you're in for a treat. In a nutshell, The Spring Noshery is an exceptional dining destination that combines a cozy atmosphere, excellent service, and a diverse menu to deliver a dining experience that will keep you coming back for more.

What Customers are Saying

#GoodQualityFood #FriendlyStaff #AllDayBreakfastMenu #GoodPastriesandCakes #PromptService
"Really beautiful place, cool breakfast music and the food is super flavourful. It has an open kitchen and the staff seemed to have fun & enjoy doing what they do . Our server Mwangila was very nice and polite. Price: very affordable breakfast for 2 @ 25$ Ambience: top notch" - Steve Mutinda

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.4

Ambience Score: 4.5

Service Score: 4.3

Food Score: 4.2

Average Spend: KES 1,500

  • Cuisine: American, Italian
  • Opening Times: 8am-10pm
  • Address: Sarit Centre Karuna Road, Kenya

6. Jiko Restaurant

Jiko Restaurant At Tribe Hotel is a culinary gem in Kenya, offering a unique take on African fine dining. The establishment is celebrated for its innovative approach to traditional African ingredients, creating playful and delectable dishes that leave guests in awe. The ambiance is nothing short of stunning, offering a unique dining environment that enhances the overall dining experience. The restaurant is also praised for its generous portions and top-notch service, with staff members earning high praise for their kindness, entertainment and excellent recommendations. Despite the occasional loud music from the live band, the overall dining experience at Jiko is memorable. It's a must-visit for food lovers seeking a unique, fine dining experience.

What Customers are Saying

#FineDining #AfricanIngredients #GenerousPortions #GreatService #UniqueMenu
"This is one of the coolest restaurants I've ever been to. And I'm not just taking about the decor (which is stunning). They've taken such an interesting approach to taking African ingredients from across the continent and spinning them in unique, non traditional ways. This is New African fine dining at its best: creative, playful and delicious." - Colton Vanessa

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.5

Ambience Score: 4.7

Service Score: 4.7

Food Score: 4.9

Average Spend: KES 3,000-4,000

  • Cuisine: African
  • Opening Times: 7am-10pm
  • Address: Karura Gigiri Rise Tribe Hotel, The Village Market, Kenya

7. Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant

Located in the heart of bustling Nairobi, Kenya, Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant & Café is a renowned culinary haven, celebrated for its exquisite seafood offerings and inviting ambiance. The restaurant's friendly and attentive staff are skilled in guiding guests through the menu, ensuring a delightful dining experience. The chefs, known for their polite and intuitive approach, showcase their expertise in every dish that is beautifully presented and cooked to perfection. The restaurant's interior is tastefully designed, evoking a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a variety of occasions. Whether it's a casual gathering with friends, a family dinner, or a romantic date. Mawimbi's culinary offerings are its true highlight, boasting fresh, delicious, and plentiful seafood options Adding to the dining experience, Mawimbi often treats its guests to live performances, including dance and saxophone performances, while children can enjoy the pool facility. In conclusion, Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant & Café offers a delightful blend of impeccable service, alluring ambiance, and a mouthwatering seafood menu that will leave you yearning for more. If you find yourself in Nairobi, it's certainly worth a visit!

What Customers are Saying

#Goodforfriends #Familyfriendly #Goodfordates #LiveMusic #GreatCustomerService
"I got invited by a good friend, and finally got around to visiting this well-known seafood restaurant in Nairobi. What a stunning place! The staff are very good and attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. The chef is really polite and intuitive. The layout is cozy and pleasant and the ambience is nice. A good place to spend with friends, family, kids or a date. I got the steak and it was pretty good and came with a pleasant creamy sauce and plenty of vegetables, along with a side dish of rice. Well worth visiting if you fancy some fine food, cooked beautifully and presented stylishly...The food is fresh, delicious and abundant. A big thanks to BK, Koi and Maria for taking care of our table, we felt like VIPs! Oh yeah by the way, while we were eating, we were treated to a live dance performance by Aggie and her team, wow! We also enjoyed the saxophone. All in all, a very chill afternoon in a great space. The kids loved the pool." - Huzaifa Hameed

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.5

Ambience Score: 4.6

Service Score: 4.1

Food Score: 3.9

Average Spend: KES 4,000–5,000

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Opening Times: 8am-3am
  • Address: Longonot Place, Kijabe St, Nairobi, Kenya

8. Harvest Restaurant

Harvest Restaurant is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Kenya. This delightful establishment offers a vast array of mouthwatering dishes, from the juicy, 28-day aged New York-style steak to the decadent New York cheesecake. Not to mention, their cocktails are superb, and the mocktails do not disappoint either. The restaurant's ambiance is further enhanced by the live music, with a piano player serenading guests with lovely show tunes. Harvest Restaurant is not just about the food; their service is truly commendable. The staff is attentive, courteous, and always ready to help guests make the best dining choices. Whether you're planning a solo date or a group dinner, Harvest Restaurant is a perfect pick. You can choose to dine inside the spacious restaurant or enjoy the outside seating. So, come and experience the exceptional cuisine and service at Harvest Restaurant; your taste buds will thank you.

What Customers are Saying

#Goodforpregnantwomen #Livemusic #Goodforsolodates #Largeandspacious #OutdoorSeating
"The restaurant is very big and spacious. We didn't need reservations and had the choice to sit either inside or outside. There was a piano player playing really nice show tunes. The staff was helpful and courteous. The waitress helped us make a great choice." - Ikc

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.5

Ambience Score: 4.6

Service Score: 4.2

Food Score: 4.1

Average Spend: KES 3,500

  • Cuisine: American, Italian
  • Opening Times: 6.30am-10pm
  • Address: Limuru Rd, Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya

9. Botanica - Kitchen and Gin Bar

Botanica - Kitchen and Gin Bar is an aesthetic haven nestled in the heart of Kenya. This restaurant is a delightful blend of urban sophistication and tranquility, offering gorgeous city views and options for both indoor and outdoor seating. The interior is absolutely stunning with an ambiance that exudes peace and quiet, making it a perfect escape within the city. Botanica serves up dishes with excellent presentation and intriguing flavors. Their service is impeccable, making your dining experience comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, the restaurant offers amazing portions, ensuring you leave satisfied. Botanica's drinks menu is equally impressive, featuring flavorful cocktails that are not watered down. Whether you're looking for a lovely date spot or a venue for a group outing, Botanica - Kitchen and Gin Bar offers a wonderful dining experience.

What Customers are Saying

#BeautifulInterior #GreatViews #IndoorandOutdoorSeating #GoodforGroupDining #Cocktails
"Absolutely beautiful interior, aesthetically pleasing decor, and great views of the city! Love that there’s an option for both indoor and outdoor seating! I came in the morning, so it was so peaceful and quiet — a great getaway location within the city. Overall a great experience, and would come again!" - Meek

Restaurant Information

Overall Rating: 4.4

Ambience Score: 4.2

Service Score: 4.0

Food Score: 3.9

Average Spend: KES 3,000

  • Cuisine: Asian
  • Opening Times: 9am-10pm
  • Address: 7th floor One Africa Place, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya


Exploring Kenya's breakfast gems has been a flavorful journey, revealing more than just restaurants but storytellers of culture and culinary craft. From the heart of Nairobi to scenic spots, each breakfast bite is a fusion of local ingredients and global flair, offering a uniquely Kenyan experience. Whether a local spicing up routine or a traveler tasting Kenya's essence, these breakfast havens invite you to savor the magic where creativity, tradition, and a touch of love converge on every plate. Here's to the joy of breakfast and the delightful stories discovered in every delicious bite!

Frequently Asked Questions about Restaurants in Kenya That Serve Breakfast

Q: What types of breakfast options are commonly available in Kenyan restaurants?
A: Kenyan restaurants offer a diverse range of breakfast options, including traditional dishes like mandazi (fried dough), chapati (flatbread), and sukuma wiki (collard greens). Additionally, you’ll find continental breakfast choices such as omelets, pastries, and fruit platters.

Q: Are Kenyan breakfasts typically spicy or mild?
A: Kenyan breakfasts cater to a variety of taste preferences. While traditional dishes may include some spices, many breakfast options are mild and can be adjusted according to individual spice preferences.

Q: Are there vegetarian or vegan breakfast options available in Kenyan restaurants?
A: Yes, Kenyan restaurants often provide vegetarian and vegan breakfast options. You can enjoy plant-based dishes like vegetable samosas, fresh fruit salads, and porridge made with coconut milk.

Q: Are reservations recommended for breakfast in these Kenyan restaurants?
A: Reservations are generally not required in most Kenyan restaurants. However, for popular or upscale establishments, it’s advisable to check their policies and consider making a reservation during peak hours.

Q: Do Kenyan restaurants accommodate dietary restrictions or food allergies?
A: Yes, many Kenyan restaurants are accommodating of dietary restrictions and food allergies. It’s advisable to inform the staff about any specific dietary needs or allergies, and they will often do their best to provide suitable alternatives.

Q: What are the typical opening hours for breakfast in Kenyan restaurants?
A: This can vary. Many establishments start serving breakfast as early as 6:30 AM and continue until around 10:00 AM. However, it’s advisable to check the specific opening hours of the restaurant you plan to visit.

Q: Are credit cards widely accepted in these establishments?
A: Credit cards are accepted in many urban and tourist-oriented Kenyan restaurants. However, it’s advisable to carry some cash, especially in more remote areas where card acceptance may be limited.

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