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Curate & share personalized restaurant lists

Say goodbye to scattered notes app, screenshots, and social media saves!
Create and share DineLists with access to essential restaurant information

Transform your
restaurant exeperience

For Foodies

Create personalized to-do lists and bookmark your favorite dining spots
Explore new dining spots from other food lovers and get recommendations
Share restaurant recommendations with others DineList makes dining out planning easy and convenient for foodies

For travelers

Discover local dining spots recommended by others
Access essential information like menu & reviews for each restaurant
Bookmark places to visit on future trips
even share restaurant recommendations with other travelers.

For Food Bloggers

Whether you are a food influencer, critic or blogger
Curate and share listicles of your favourite places with your followers.
DineList makes it 10x easier to share your culinary experiences, build your reputation and expand your reach in the food creators' world.

Say good bye to scattered notes and screenshots

Create personalized lists

You can add as many restaurants as you want to your list and organize them by cuisine, location, or any other criteria that you prefer.
This way, you can keep track of all your favorite spots and plan your culinary adventures with your friends easily.
No more forgetting about an amazing restaurant you went to months ago or plan to visit soon!

Bookmark places you love

With just a click, you can save any restaurant you've visited and loved, so you'll never forget it. The next time you're looking for a great dining experience, simply access your bookmarks, and you're ready to go.

Explore new dining spots

DineList allows you to bookmark lists curated by your favorite food influencers and friends. You can save the lists for future reference and use them as a guide when exploring new dining spots.

Easily share restaurant recommendations

With just a few taps, you can share any restaurant on your personalized list with your friends and colleagues via email, messaging, or social media. Whether you're looking to impress clients or recommend a great place for a family outing, DineList makes the process quick and effortless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DineList?

DineList is a free feature of Dinesurf, a comprehensive online tool for foodies. With DineList, you can explore restaurant ratings and reviews, create customized lists of your favorite dining spots, access essential restaurant information, and share recommendations with friends and family.

What are the features of DineList?

DineList enables you to create personalized lists, which you can share with others or keep private. You can add ratings, reviews, and notes to each restaurant on your list, and access important information like the address, phone number, and website. You can also explore new dining spots, read up on reviews from other foodies, and bookmark your favorite places for future reference.

How can I share my DineList with others?

Sharing your DineList is easy! Simply click the share button on your list and send it to others via email or social media. You can also choose to make your list public so that others can discover your favorite dining spots.

Is there a limit to the number of DineLists iCan create?

No, there are no limits to the number of DineLists you can create. With DineList, you can create as many lists as you want, and with the ability to add ratings, reviews, and notes to each restaurant, you can keep track of all your favorite dining spots and plan your next outing with ease.

Is DineList a free?

Yes, DineList is a free feature available on Dinesurf. Discovering, personalizing, and sharing your favorite dining experiences is made easier and more convenient with DineList.


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