So we asked one of our Diners, how Dinesurf has helped them in some way, we got this response and had to share! 

“I’m thinking about how this outing could have gone and i shudder. My cousins and I wanted to do something to end the ‘summer’ in Lagos, so we decided to go out for games and end it with a restaurant. Being the social butterfly that i am, i took the responsibility to look for where to go for these activities.

It was not so hard to get these as I already had a couple of places in mind. We were 13 cousins in total and two had children. It was supposed to happen on a Saturday in two weeks. I checked the price of the restaurant online, got a fair price and boom we were set.

On the day of this beautiful #CousinsDayOut, we met up at the games place, of course there were late comers but we had a good time for a couple of hours. Then we got exhausted to the point that all that could save us was good food.

Ahah! Food! The beginning of my problems that day.

Tell me why Junior, one of the oldest cousin blurted ‘hope you guys made a reservation o! You know how these Lagos restaurants can be, before they’ll start asking us questions that will piss me off’.

Guess who everyone turned to? Me!!! Omo, I wanted to enter the ground. One even said ‘Nma, I’m sure you called the restaurant and told them we were coming, right?‘ I was so confused, I had to come clean and tell them I didn’t, that I only checked their menu; because that’s what is most important, right?

Junior came up and said to me again ‘Nma, come on!‘ almost raising his voice he said, ‘First of all, today is Saturday, people are going to these places, secondly we are coming as a crowd, when they bring our food late now, we will still complain‘.
I could only mutter ‘ I’m sorry‘ I wanted the ground to open and swallow me. I even swore that I’ll never plan anything for anybody again. 😑

Luckily for me, one of my other cousins Adanna saved my life, because she came up and spoke about Dinesurf and how we didn’t need to call anybody. She said we could make a reservation with the restaurant on the website directly, view the menu directly and even put the number of people coming so they could make plans for us’.

Another bad belle cousin now said ‘Hope the restaurant we chose would be there?’
me: ‘rolls eyes’

Adanna said ‘they have over 100 restaurants there, so I’m sure it should be among, let’s calm down’. Me: Tell them ooo
Ladies and gentlemen, we checked and it was there!! We made a reservation and they confirmed via email in less than 5 minutes! What a miracle!

When we got there, all we had to do was say the name used to make the reservation. They had already set up a table for us and the restaurant was actually almost full as well. I had to ask Ada how she knew about it and she said that’s what they use in her office for outdoor meetings.

So that’s how Dinesurf saved me and family that day!

Now, i preach the gospel that is Dinesurf, whether at work or I’m going for brunch with friends, i say, ‘lets make a reservation’ I feel like I’m part of the cool kids now. 😎

So you don’t have to be like me, make a reservation for your next restaurant outing!”

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