Food Picture

We’ve all been there. You’re out to dinner with friends or family, and the food is just so good you have to snap a picture before you dig in. But how do you take the perfect food picture at restaurants? With these tips, you’ll be able to capture your meal in all its glory – without making a mess!

Tip 1: Setting up your shot

The secret to capturing an amazing food picture at restaurants starts before you even pick up your camera. To take the perfect food photo, you need to make sure that your background is clean and simple. Before touching a morsel of food, check out where you’re sitting and what’s behind you. If there are crowds of people or any other distractions behind you (like a big sign or ugly wallpaper), ask to be moved – or recognize that the photo will turn out less than ideal and adjust accordingly.

Tip 2: Taking the photo

Once you have a clean background and you’ve started to dig in, it’s time to take the picture! Avoid using your phone as much as possible – those photos can come out looking super grainy and not nearly as appetizing (not to mention that most phones require flash, which can wash out your food completely). Instead, try to use a digital camera or some sort of camera phone that lets you adjust the settings. Adjusting the lighting is key – if it’s too bright, your food will look like an overexposed mess; but if it’s too dim, you won’t be able to see anything! If you’re using your phone, try to find a setting that lets you adjust the lighting. If you use your phone, make sure not to hold it too close. Food pictures tend to look best when they include some of the plate or table, so be sure to give yourself enough room. It’s also helpful to avoid flash – while it will let you get a clearer shot, flash can be distracting and harsh. Using natural light is a nice alternative if possible!

Tip 3: Editing your photo

As you should probably know by now, Instagrammers love to take their food pics just a little bit further with the help of some basic editing apps. If you’re taking a photo with your phone, these apps are pretty much mandatory for making your shot look super professional. You can use tools like Facetune and VSCO to edit the contrast and light, which will make your food pop even more. The options vary from app to app, but you’ll generally be able to whiten the photo (which can really help if your food or plate is super dark) and brighten it up. Depending on the type of photo, you might also want to edit out “distractions” like your napkin or utensils.

Tip 4: Getting the right angle

The way you take your food photo can make all the difference in how it looks! Whether you’re using your phone or a camera, there are three main angles to try out when taking pictures of food – straight on, from above, and below. Each angle will give the photo a totally different look and feel. For example, taking a picture of food straight on (with your camera phone at eye level) is good for shots that show off the whole meal – like a spread of pastries or a steak dinner. You can mix and match as much as you like! If you’re feeling ambitious, try taking a few different shots from different angles (just remember to keep your background simple!)

So, the next time you go out to eat and want to snap a food pic for Instagram, keep these tips in mind. And remember, practice makes perfect! With a little bit of effort, you can take pictures that make all your friends (and followers) hungry for more.