Menu Management

The easiest way to manage
your restaurant's menu

Dinesurf Menu Management makes it simple and straightforward to update your menu, add new items, and checkout customer orders quickly and easily.

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Attend to your
customers faster

Handheld devices

Move through tables faster with the easy to use Menu Management device. You can take customer orders, generate invoices, and checkout in seconds!

Faster Checkout

Customers can pay for their orders using their preferred payment methods. The Dinesurf Menu Management enables you accept multiple payment methods and speed up checkout time.

Contactless Till Payments

Establish contactless communication between your Menu Management software and our POS terminal to receive payments easily.

Digitalize your checkout

Table Management

Build a better rapport and elevate the dining experience for all customers. Manage your restaurant’s seating capacity, and update table reservation status in real time,.

Inventory records

Sync with your inventory management system, monitor what products are available and what has been used up, to influence your meal availability.

Menu Management

Create, customize, or upload pre-existing menus to our POP. Set different menus for kitchen, bar and for different times of day. You can also automate where all processed orders are sent to.

Report & Analytics

Receive daily reports on all orders processed on the POP. You can also track shift hours, numbers and value of sale of each employee.


Get more customers and make them happy. We’ll help you do both.