Our Partners

We believe systems and people should connect, collaborate and work together. If you think there’s an opportunity for us to partner together and better serve the hospitality industry, we want to hear from you.

  • Real-time restaurant reservation and waitlist availability via Google Search, Maps and Assistant across the world.

  • The biggest messaging platform on the continent, get reports and notifications from your restaurant straight to whatsapp.

  • The world’s largest travel platform, helping people become better travelers, from planning to booking, get your content from trip advisor to your dinesurf profile and keep them in sync, including your most recent reviews

  • The Culinary Arts Practitioners Association Nigeria,(CAPA) is a registered non-governmental organization dedicated to raising the standards and awareness of food, culinary and pastry arts cooking, and the hospitality industry in compliance with global best practices in Nigeria and are partnered with us to drive innovation in the Hospitality Space in Nigeria.

  • Empowering Nigerians to be active citizens and to vote in the 2023 General Elections.

    Nobody gathers around a dining table in a house that is on fire.

    Partnering with GoVote.ng to lead and drive initiatives to reduce voter apathy and increase voter turnout.