Team of Experts

At Dinesurf, we believe that success comes from having the right team in place. Our team is dedicated to creating an amazing experience for our users and helping restaurants succeed. Our talented developers, designers, chefs, marketers, analysts and support staff are passionate about providing a seamless user experience and driving innovation in the restaurant industry. We love what we do and it shows – the foodies at Dinesurf are committed to making dining easier than ever!

Martins Udotai – Co-founder, CEO
Martins Udotai
Co-founder, CEO
Untitled design (91)
Hauwa Ibrahim
Product Manager
Yombo Pitan – Advisor
Yombo Pitan
Joshia Udotai – Co-founder, CTO
Joshua Udotai
Co-founder, CTO
Princess Okpewho – Content Writer
Princess Okpewho
Content Lead
Nosa Garrick – General Counsel
Nosa Garrick
General Counsel
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Providence Ifeosame
Engineering Lead
Ruemu Oghuvwu
Operations Manager
Thibaut Lacave – Advisor
Thibaut Lacave
David Everett – Direct Sales Manager
David Everett
Direct Sales Manager
Elizabeth Kalu – Marketing Team Lead
Elizabeth Kalu
Marketing Team Lead
Gene Quinn – Advisor
Gene Quinn

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