The diverse range of cultures present in Abuja is reflected in the restaurant scene, which spans the city from the lively streets of Wuse to the serene Maitama area. The best restaurants in Abuja have something to offer everyone, regardless of your preference for traditional Nigerian food or your desire for something unique and unusual. We've put up a list of the top restaurants in Abuja so you can make the most of your special day off as Workers' Day approaches. So take a seat back, unwind, and get ready for a gourmet journey unlike any other!


Workers' Day Dining Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant in Abuja


Step 1: Determine Your Budget

- Decide how much you are willing to spend per person for the meal

- Consider the cost of food, drinks, and any additional expenses (like tips or transportation)


Step 2: Consider the Ambiance

- Formal or casual setting

- Indoor or outdoor seating

- Scenic views or cozy atmosphere

- Music and noise level


Step 3: Think About Dietary Restrictions

- Halal or vegetarian options

- Gluten-free or vegan options - Special requests (e.g. no MSG, no nuts)


Step 4: Check Reviews and Ratings

- Online review platforms (e.g. Google, TripAdvisor)

- Social media and food blogs

- Ask friends, colleagues, or family for recommendations


Step 5: Make a Reservation 

- Check if the restaurant accepts reservations

- Book online or call the restaurant directly

- Confirm the reservation and ask about any special deals or packages


By following these steps, you'll be able to choose the perfect restaurant in Abuja for your Workers' Day celebration. Remember to relax, enjoy your meal, and celebrate your hard work and dedication!

10 Best Restaurants in Abuja, Nigeria

1. BluCabana Restaurant & Cafe

The restaurant BluCabana Restaurant & Cafe is situated in Abuja and provides its patrons with a distinctive and enjoyable dining experience. BluCabana offers a diverse range of international meals, so there's something for everyone to enjoy. The restaurant's elegant yet laid-back ambience makes it ideal for business meetings as well as special occasions like family dinners. The restaurant's patio is the ideal place to hang out with friends for dinner or drinks. The lush landscape creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere, while the poolside area offers a breathtaking view of Abuja. BluCabana's menu features a broad variety of delectable foods, from small snacks to substantial meals. There is something to sate your appetite, regardless of whether you're searching for a traditional cuisine or something different. BluCabana is guaranteed to create the ideal ambiance, whether you're planning a fun night out with friends, a romantic evening, or a warm family meal.

What Customers are Saying

"It was a beautiful evening spent there. The ambiance, the food and of course the people I went with. Can't wait to go again." - Florence

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Mexican, Italian
  • Opening Times: 9am-10.30pm
  • Address: 1322 Shehu Yar'adua Wy, Mabushi, Abuja 900108, Federal Capital Territory

2. Nkoyo Restaurant

In stunning Abuja, the Nkoyo Restaurant is a fantastic spot to savour the finest Indian, continental, and African food. The walls of this little eatery are decorated with traditional African art, giving it a rustic, welcoming feel. There are many different cuisines on the menu, such as continental classics, favourites from India, and traditional African food. Always tasty and expertly prepared, the amounts are substantial, and the pricing are fair. The Nkoyo Restaurant crew is amiable and attentive, offering top-notch service and seeing to it that each and every diner is taken care of. Nkoyo Restaurant has the ideal ambiance whether you're searching for a great meal with friends, a romantic date night, or dinner with the family.

What Customers are Saying

"It's a beautiful place to hang out & have that luxurious dinning experience."- Nana Eze

Restaurant information

  • Cuisine: Indian, Nigerian
  • Opening Times: 11am-1opm
  • Address: Ceddi Plaza, 264 Tafawa Balewa Rd, Central Area, Abuja 900211, Federal Capital Territory

3. Duo Restaurant

Duo restaurant's blend of continental and African cuisine makes for a very exceptional dining experience. Duo offers the perfect environment, whether you want to eat in the fresh air or have a leisurely lunch on the patio. You're sure to find something to your liking from the vast menu, which is gladly assisted in choosing by the kind and educated staff.

What Customers are Saying

"Duo restaurant has outstanding staffs... Better than the meals was the friendly smiley 😊 faces of their staffs. If you are in Abuja, you should visit location at No.98 Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse 2 and thank me later." - Abraham Enegide

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Nigerian, Continental
  • Opening Times: 8am-2am
  • Address: 98 Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse 2, Abuja 904101, Federal Capital Territory

4. Bijou Cafe, Restaurant & Spa

Welcome to the newest and most interesting dining place in Abuja, Bijou Cafe, Restaurant & Spa! Your stay in Abuja will be unforgettable thanks to the chic and modern restaurant. From traditional favourites to unusual and exotic creations, the menu provides a varied and captivating selection of food. Bijou Cafe offers something for everyone, whether you're planning a fun night out with friends, a romantic supper, or a trip with your family. They also have an outside cafe where you can unwind and take in the lovely scenery. The restaurant's interior is ideal for a professional business lunch or a special date night. The majority of the meals come at a modest price—less than N3000. Additionally, don't forget to use the game room and spa upstairs, where you can unwind and spend quality time with friends or your significant other.

What Customers are Saying

"I recently dined at Bijou Cafe, Restaurant and Spa and it was a delightful experience. The food was exceptional—flavorful and well-presented. The service was attentive, adding to the overall positive atmosphere. A perfect blend of delicious cuisine, excellent service, and a cozy ambiance make it a must-visit." - Omojuyigbe Emmanuel

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Italian, Nigerian
  • Opening Times: 9am-12am
  • Address: No 40 Agadez Crescent, Off Aminu Kano Cres, Wuse 2, Abuja

5. Ann’s Restaurant and Bar

Abuja's Ann's Restaurant and Bar is a fantastic restaurant that provides a distinctive and remarkable eating experience. A welcoming and cheerful environment greets you as soon as you walk in, and the staff is always happy to make sure you have the greatest experience possible. The ambiance is ideal for a fun night out with friends, a family get-together, or a romantic meal for two. The decor is elegant and stylish. The ambiance is welcoming and soothing, ideal for laughter and discussion. There are many of tasty and varied culinary alternatives. Ann's Restaurant and Bar is the ideal location for an unforgettable night out. Make a reservation right now to check out the restaurant!

What Customers are Saying

"I loved this place. It good for catching up with friends, and maybe for a date too. Their service is great, the people are warm, the food is good and they follow the instructions you give about the food. Maybe a little too much 😂. It's not so so pricey. I recommend their pasta. To know how the place is, a number of people came in to take pictures at the restaurant. So if that's what you're looking for, it's not bad for pictures too." - Mayowa Tijani

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: French, Italian
  • Opening Times: 12pm-12am
  • Address: 36 Gana St, Maitama, Abuja 900001, Federal Capital Territory

6, Liquid Hub Abuja

Nigeria's premier restaurant, Liquid Hub Abuja, offers a remarkable dining experience. The restaurant, which has two separate dining sections and extra outdoor seating for a more private setting, is well-known for its amazing ambience and distinctive setting. The pinnacle of fine dining, each dish is expertly prepared to be a work of art, with flavours that are meticulously chosen to take visitors on a wonderful culinary adventure. Its excellent customer service only serves to increase the appeal. With their well-known friendliness and attentiveness, the crew at Liquid Hub guarantees that your dining experience will be nothing short of extraordinary. Liquid Hub Abuja is a dynamic and highly sought-after dining spot, suiting all kinds of events, be it a birthday celebration, a casual hangout, or an intimate dinner date. In addition, the restaurant has a cafe, a bar with a separate menu, and a private member's club.

What Customers are Saying

"The food at your restaurant is absolutely delicious! The flavors are so well-balanced and the presentation is stunning. The service was also top-notch, with friendly and attentive staff. Overall, it was a delightful dining experience and I can’t wait to come back again soon!" - Ozabor Faith Obehi

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: French, italian
  • Opening Times: 7am-12am
  • Address: The Diplomatic Village, Olusegun Obasanjo Wy, opposite Eterna Gas station, Central Business District, Abuja 900103, Federal Capital Territory

7. Breeze Restaurant

A lovely culinary gem in Nigeria, Breeze Restaurant serves a limited but well-curated menu that caters to a variety of palates. The restaurant takes great pleasure in serving food that is both aesthetically pleasing and excellent, making every meal a sensory extravaganza. Breeze Restaurant offers excellent service that guarantees a memorable and enjoyable eating experience. Breeze offers a charming atmosphere where diners can choose to eat in comfortable, private cubicles or by the pool, which creates a calm and lovely environment. Breeze provides the ideal environment for any event—a romantic date, a get-together with friends, or a family reunion. The restaurant's custom of honouring significant occasions with a dance performance by the waitstaff adds even more fun and a spice of local flavour to your celebrations, further elevating the dining experience.

What Customers are Saying

"The ambience here is top notch. I personally prefer the cabanas by the pool side, there’s also an indoor section. Their food is delicious, and the environment is soothing and picturesque. Looking for where to get tasty snail meat? They’ve got you covered. The rest room is neat." - Blessing

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Nigerian
  • Opening Times: 9am-12am
  • Address: 3 Eldoret Street, off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja 904101, Federal Capital Territory

8. Last Gate Restaurant and Bush Bar

A hidden gem in Abuja, Last Gate Restaurant and Bush Bar offers a remarkable dining experience. This restaurant is renowned for consistently offering delicious food and upholding excellent levels of customer service. Their menu features an intriguing fusion of international and local cuisine, such as grilled fish, spicy turkey, Asun pasta, Jollof pasta, white rice with buka stew, and special fried rice, all of which are cooked to mouthwatering perfection. The restaurant's friendly, energetic environment makes it the perfect place for a leisurely evening sit-out or a fast lunch. The location has a certain calmness about it that draws a lot of people there, and it's reasonably priced so anyone can visit.

What Customers are Saying

"I loved, loved the food at this place. The Zobo is really nice and goodness me, that Fish tasted delicious. Location is a bit tricky but when you enter you'd be pleasantly surprised at what you see. The atmosphere was calm. I'd definitely be coming back." - Mfon Umo

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Nigerian, Continental
  • Opening Times: 10am-11pm
  • Address: Ihiala Street, off Brass Cl, Area 2, Abuja

9. Today's Bukka

Located in the centre of Nigeria, Today's Bukka is a lively eatery that serves a delicious fusion of modern and traditional dishes. The crew is well-known for providing exceptional service; they are tidy, well-groomed, patient, and constantly check in on visitors to make sure they have a good time. With a wide array of foods to suit a variety of palates, the restaurant's menu is extensive. Warm and friendly, the restaurant's ambiance is created by a wonderful combination of natural wood, stylish décor, and captivating Adire art. The inside is well-lit by natural light, which makes it an excellent spot to work or unwind. Those who like to eat late at night or wake up early would love Today's Bukka.

What Customers are Saying

"A busy spot on Ademola Adetokunbo. Their Arabian tea was lovely! I emptied the pot to the last drop. The suya was good too. It was a Saturday evening and the live band serenaded us. I recommend." - Dooby Babe

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine:
  • Opening Times: 24hrs
  • Address: 3FHJ+V82, Adetokunbo Ademola Cres, Wuse, Abuja 904101, Federal Capital Territory

10. La Taverna

La Taverna is a classy eatery in Abuja that provides guests with a memorable dining experience. La Taverna's lively ambience makes it the ideal location for a family get-together, a romantic supper, or a night out with friends. Fresh, locally obtained ingredients are used to create the restaurant's outstanding Spanish-inspired cuisine, which is well-known. The staff's competent and attentive service will be greatly appreciated by the guests. Additionally, the restaurant provides a unique and delectable pasta meal to patrons on Thursdays through its "Pasta Thursday" special. Additionally, the restaurant has a lovely patio space outside where customers may dine al fresco while taking advantage of the nice weather. In addition, the restaurant has a rooftop space with breathtaking city views. All things considered, La Taverna is a fantastic option for a memorable meal.

What Customers are Saying

"I always go here for the ambience and food. The seafood salad and seafood pasta are always a hit!" - Opeyemi Haruna

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Spanish, Mexican
  • Opening Times: 11.30am-10pm
  • Address: 5th Floor, Statement Hotel, First Ave, Wuse, Abuja 900103, Federal Capital Territory


These are the top Abuja restaurants to check out on Workers' Day! These well regarded restaurants are sure to please, whether you're searching for a quick lunch, a family supper, or a night out with friends. These restaurants are ideal for celebrating your hard work and devotion because of their mouthwatering food, warm, inviting atmospheres, and first-rate service. So go ahead, treat yourself to a memorable dining experience and take a vacation from the everyday grind. From all of us, happy Workers' Day and bon appétit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of cuisine can I find in Abuja restaurants?
A: Abuja offers a diverse range of cuisines, including Nigerian, African, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and international fusion.

Q: Can I make reservations or book online?
A: Yes, many restaurants in Abuja offer online booking and reservation services. You can check their websites or use platforms like DineSurf to make a reservation.

Q: What is the average price range for a meal in Abuja restaurants?
A: Prices vary depending on the restaurant and cuisine, but you can expect to spend between ₦10,000 to ₦20,000 per person for a meal.

Q: Are there any restaurants with outdoor seating or scenic views?
A: Yes, some restaurants in Abuja offer outdoor seating or scenic views.

Q: Do restaurants in Abuja accept credit cards or online payments?
A: Yes, many restaurants in Abuja accept major credit cards and online payment methods like Paystack and Flutterwave.

Q: Are there any restaurants open 24/7 or with late-night delivery options?
A: Yes, some restaurants in Abuja offer 24/7 services or late-night delivery options, such as Today’s Bukka..

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