The Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi stands as a culinary landmark, beckoning meat enthusiasts from near and far to embark on an unforgettable gastronomic journey. Nestled in the heart of Kenya, this unique establishment has gained global acclaim for its exceptional selection of meats, ranging from classic cuts to more adventurous offerings, including game meats. In this article, we will delve into the meat lover's ultimate paradise that is The Carnivore Restaurant, exploring its warm ambiance, diverse meat offerings, and the praises it has garnered for both its culinary delights and top-notch service.

The Ambiance

Upon entering The Carnivore Restaurant, guests are enveloped in a warm and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for a memorable dining experience. The restaurant's ambiance strikes a perfect balance, combining rustic charm with contemporary elegance. The welcoming decor and attentive staff create an environment that enhances the enjoyment of the carnivorous feast that awaits.

A Meat Lover's Haven

The Carnivore Restaurant stands as a testament to the artistry of grilling and the pleasure of savoring a plethora of meats. As you step into this gastronomic haven, a warm and inviting atmosphere envelops you, setting the stage for an unforgettable culinary journey. The attentive staff is not just there to serve; they are curators of an experience that caters to the discerning tastes of meat enthusiasts.

All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Extravaganza

One of the highlights of The Carnivore is its legendary all-you-can-eat BBQ experience. This culinary extravaganza allows patrons to explore an extensive menu featuring an array of meats, ranging from classic cuts to more daring selections like game meats. The adventure begins with a tantalizing veg soup, a prelude to the carnivorous feast that follows.

Succulent Delights: A Meat Lover's Dream

The menu at The Carnivore is a carnivore's dream come true. Indulge in succulent chicken, lamb, beef, crocodile, ox, and ostrich, each expertly prepared to showcase the unique flavors of these meats. The all-you-can-eat format provides an opportunity to sample a variety of dishes, allowing guests to tailor their experience to their preferences. For those seeking familiar flavors, classic options like chicken and beef offer a comforting taste of home. Adventurous palates, on the other hand, can savor the thrill of trying exotic meats like crocodile and ostrich, each prepared with the utmost skill to ensure a delectable and memorable dining experience.

Dessert Delights and Dawa Magic

The culinary journey at The Carnivore extends beyond the main course. After indulging in a carnivorous feast, patrons are treated to delightful dessert options that serve as a sweet conclusion to the meal. The carefully crafted desserts add a touch of sweetness to the savory adventure, leaving taste buds satisfied and cravings fulfilled. No visit to The Carnivore is complete without experiencing the magic of the special Dawa drink. This iconic beverage, known for its refreshing blend of ingredients, provides the perfect accompaniment to the bold flavors of the meats. It's a unique and invigorating concoction that enhances the overall dining experience, leaving guests with a distinct and memorable taste.

Reviews and Accolades

The Carnivore Restaurant has garnered widespread acclaim for its commitment to quality and excellence. Reviews from satisfied patrons consistently highlight the exceptional quality of the meats and commend the staff for their attentive and friendly service. Visitors not only praise the diverse menu but also appreciate the restaurant's dedication to creating an immersive and enjoyable atmosphere.

What Customers are Saying

"The ostrich and crocodile mean topped it for me. It being my first time tasting it, it was great!!! Next time I want to taste the buffalo and hippo meat if it’s there. Very friendly for meet up with friends. Good music and must say delicious meat!! And did i mention it’s brought to your table hot i just loved that!!yum yum yum yummy" - Faith

A Culinary Adventure Worth Embarking On

Whether you're a dedicated meat lover or someone seeking a one-of-a-kind dining experience, The Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi promises an adventure like no other. The combination of a diverse menu, expertly grilled meats, and attentive service makes it a standout destination in the culinary landscape of Nairobi.

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: African
  • Opening Times: 12pm-11pm
  • Address: Langata Rd, Nairobi West, Nairobi, Kenya


In the heart of Nairobi, The Carnivore Restaurant stands as a testament to the art of grilling and the joy of savoring an array of meats. From classic cuts to exotic game meats, this establishment offers a dining experience that caters to the diverse tastes of meat enthusiasts. The all-you-can-eat BBQ extravaganza, complemented by delightful desserts and the iconic Dawa drink, ensures that every visit is a culinary adventure worth savoring. For those seeking a carnivorous paradise, The Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi is more than a dining destination; it's a journey into the world of exquisite flavors and unparalleled indulgence. Make a reservation today and embark on an unforgettable culinary odyssey!

Frequently Asked Questions about The Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi

1. What makes The Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi unique?

The Carnivore Restaurant is renowned for its exceptional selection of meats, including exotic game meats. The all-you-can-eat BBQ experience allows patrons to indulge in a diverse range of succulent options, making it a unique and unforgettable dining destination.

2. What types of meats are included in the all-you-can-eat BBQ?

The all-you-can-eat BBQ at The Carnivore Restaurant features a delectable array of meats, including chicken, lamb, beef, crocodile, ox, and ostrich. Guests have the freedom to choose their preferred meats and savor them to the fullest.

3. How does the dining experience work at The Carnivore Restaurant?

Guests are welcomed into a warm and inviting atmosphere. The culinary journey begins with a delicious vegetable soup, followed by the all-you-can-eat BBQ where patrons can choose from a variety of meats. The experience concludes with delightful desserts and the opportunity to try the special Dawa drink.

4. Can I make a reservation at The Carnivore Restaurant?

Yes, reservations can be made to ensure a seamless dining experience. Whether you’re planning a special occasion or a casual meal, making a reservation allows you to secure your spot at this meat lover’s paradise.

5. What is the feedback regarding the quality of meats at The Carnivore Restaurant?

Reviews consistently praise the exceptional quality of meats at The Carnivore Restaurant. The diverse selection, expert preparation, and succulent flavors contribute to its reputation as a premier dining establishment.

6. Is The Carnivore Restaurant suitable for non-meat eaters?

While the restaurant is known for its meat-centric menu, it also offers vegetarian options to cater to diverse preferences. Non-meat eaters can enjoy a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes at The Carnivore Restaurant.

7. How is the staff service at The Carnivore Restaurant?

The staff at The Carnivore Restaurant is highly attentive and committed to ensuring a pleasant dining experience. Reviews often highlight the excellent service provided by the staff, contributing to the overall positive atmosphere.

8. Are there options for dessert at The Carnivore Restaurant?

Yes, the culinary journey at The Carnivore Restaurant concludes with a tempting selection of desserts. Guests can indulge in sweet treats that perfectly complement the richness of the preceding meat-centric feast.

9. What is the special Dawa drink, and why is it recommended?

The special Dawa drink is a signature concoction that adds a unique touch to the dining experience. This refreshing beverage is crafted with traditional ingredients, providing a perfect accompaniment to the diverse flavors of the meats served at the restaurant.

10. Is The Carnivore Restaurant suitable for special occasions or group events?

Absolutely! The Carnivore Restaurant is an ideal venue for special occasions, celebrations, and group events. With its warm ambiance and diverse menu options, it offers a memorable setting for gatherings of all sizes. Reservations for larger groups are recommended for a seamless dining experience.

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