Restaurant guests

If you ever go dining out, it’s important to be aware of the different types of customers that servers have to deal with on a daily basis and try not to be one of them. There are 11 types of restaurant guests that drive servers crazy. Keep reading.

11 types of restaurant guests that drive serves crazy are as follows:

1. The table-hopper

This guest is always on the move, never staying in one spot for more than a few minutes. They’re constantly hopping from table to table, chatting with other guests and servers alike. This can be extremely frustrating for servers who are trying to deliver food and drinks to other guests.

2. The loud talker

This guest loves to hear themselves talk, and they don’t care how loudly they do it. They’re the ones who are always shouting across the restaurant or having conversations that can be heard by everyone around them. This can be very disruptive for other guests who are trying to enjoy their meal in peace.

3. The order-changer

This guest is never happy with their order, and they’re always changing it. They’ll ask for something different every time the server comes to their table, which can be very frustrating.

4. The food-critic

This guest is always critiquing the food, no matter what they ordered. They’ll find something to complain about, whether it’s the taste, the presentation, or anything else. This can be very discouraging for servers who are trying to do their best.

5. The bill-haggler

This guest is always trying to get a lower price, whether it’s for their meal or for their drinks. They’ll haggle with the server over every little thing, which can be very frustrating.

6. The no-show

This particular restaurant guest is always making reservations, but they never show up. They’ll make a reservation for a table of 10, but only eight people will show up. This can be very frustrating for servers who are trying to accommodate other guests.

7. The indecisive ones

This guest can’t make up their mind about what they want. They’ll change their order several times, or they’ll ask the server for recommendations but then never take them. This can be very frustrating for servers who are trying to get orders out in a timely manner.

8. The know-it-all

This restaurant guest always has to be right, no matter what. They’ll argue with the server about what’s on the menu, or they’ll try to tell the server how to do their job. This can be very frustrating for servers who are trying to do their best.

9. The messy ones

This guest is always making a mess, whether it’s with their food or their drink. They’ll spill things, drop things, and generally just make a mess of everything. This can be very frustrating for servers who are trying to keep the restaurant clean.

10. The time-waster

This guest is always taking up the server’s time, whether it’s by talking to them or by asking them for things that they don’t need. They’ll ask for extra napkins, straws, or anything else that they can think of. This can be very frustrating for servers who are trying to take care of other guests.

11. The “I’m not really paying attention” guest

This is the restaurant guest who is constantly on their phone or otherwise distracted. It’s frustrating because it’s hard to get their attention when you need it, and they often miss important cues (like when it’s time to order).

There are some other ways that you as a restaurant guest could driver your server crazy (as seen here, but if you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions, we suggest that you take a step back and reassess your dining habits. And remember, servers are people too – so be kind and courteous to them, and they’ll do the same for you. Have you been guilty of any of these bad behaviors at restaurants? Let us know in the comments!

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