In the ever-evolving landscape of the restaurant industry, embracing technology has become a paramount aspect of success. To thrive in the digital era, restaurants must strategically leverage various platforms to enhance their operations and connect with patrons. From streamlined reservations to online visibility, these platforms play a pivotal role in shaping the modern dining experience. In this guide, we will explore the best five essential platforms that every restaurant should integrate into its strategy, empowering establishments to not only survive but flourish in an increasingly competitive culinary landscape.

5 Platforms Every Restaurant Should Use

1. Orda Africa

Founded in the vibrant year of 2020 and headquartered in the bustling metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria, ORDA stands as a revolutionary force in the culinary realm, offering a state-of-the-art cloud-based restaurant operating system meticulously crafted for African chefs and food business proprietors. Beyond being a mere technological solution, ORDA has emerged as a comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower millions of food business owners across Africa. At its core, ORDA's innovative suite of tools encompasses the ePos system, seamlessly integrated solutions, and cutting-edge lending options. These elements collectively serve as the backbone for food entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools necessary to not just manage but elevate and expand their culinary enterprises. Whether it's streamlining daily operations, integrating with diverse platforms, or facilitating financial growth through lending solutions, ORDA is committed to catalyzing the scalability and prosperity of food businesses across the continent. As a beacon of technological advancement in the culinary landscape, ORDA is more than a platform; it is a strategic partner for chefs and food business owners aspiring to thrive in a dynamic and competitive market. The cloud-based system not only offers operational efficiency but also opens doors for growth and innovation, creating a transformative narrative for the African culinary scene. With ORDA, the future of food businesses in Africa is not just managed; it's dynamically shaped and elevated to new heights.

What Customers are Saying

"I love the "Team role feature" where I can control what my staff has access to. This has reduced my losses by 30%." - Mr Wisdom

2. Dinesurf

At the heart of dining innovation, Dinesurf emerges with a compelling vision that transcends geographical boundaries. The core objective is clear: to seamlessly connect African dining hospitality with diners across the continent and around the globe, employing cutting-edge technology as the catalyst. Dinesurf aspires to construct the largest community of diners and restaurants in Africa, fostering an environment where culinary enthusiasts can explore a diverse array of dining experiences. The mission of Dinesurf is equally ambitious, focusing on empowering diners with efficiency and convenience. The platform strives to enable users to discover, search, and reserve a table in a remarkable 90 seconds, transforming the traditional dining experience into a streamlined, tech-infused process. Simultaneously, Dinesurf is dedicated to supporting restaurant partners in establishing and sustaining long-term relationships with the diners they serve, promoting loyalty and mutual satisfaction. As a beacon of connection and community-building, Dinesurf's suite of products plays a pivotal role in enhancing the dynamic between local and international diners and the restaurants they hold dear. By embracing the power of technology, Dinesurf not only envisions a future where dining transcends borders but actively contributes to shaping that future, one seamless reservation at a time.

What Customers are Saying

"Dinesurf has truly been a game-changer for my dining adventures and event. The platform's remarkable efficiency in suggesting top-notch restaurants and events has made finding the ideal spot a breeze. It's a must have for anyone looking to elevate their culinary experiences." - Jimoh Sherifdeen

3. Chowdeck

At the forefront of culinary convenience, Chowdeck stands as a pioneering technology company redefining the landscape of logistics services for both vendors and consumers alike. Chowdeck is an influential player in the culinary scene of Lagos, Nigeria, known for its fast-growing food logistics services. With the Chowdeck App, you can easily access a vast selection of delectable meals delivered promptly to your doorstep. In an era where efficiency and accessibility are paramount, Chowdeck seamlessly bridges the gap between food vendors and discerning consumers. This innovative platform not only empowers food vendors to deliver meals with unparalleled ease but also furnishes consumers with a user-friendly haven for effortlessly ordering delectable dishes from their favorite restaurants within their city. With a commitment to enhancing the overall dining experience, Chowdeck emerges as a transformative force, simplifying the intricate process of food delivery and bringing an array of culinary delights to the fingertips of food enthusiasts.

What Customers are Saying

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"Amazing meals and restaurants on Chowdeck, super fast delivery too! Love their services and will definitely recommend using them. Search on your native app store to download the app or use the web store to order." - Pascal Amaka

4. Vendease

Vendease, an innovative marketplace, has revolutionized the way restaurants in Africa source their ingredients by enabling direct ordering from farms and food manufacturers. Committed to creating sustainable value for food businesses, Vendease boasts a diverse team united by shared core values that not only guide but also shape the company's vibrant culture. At the heart of Vendease's ethos is a collective spirit of adventure, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and an unwavering commitment to transparency. The team embraces the interconnectedness of their ecosystem, recognizing and respecting the individuals who contribute to its vitality. In the realm of ownership, Vendease sees it as more than a mere concept; it's a profound responsibility for fostering growth within their roles and, crucially, within the operations of their valued customers. Currently making strides in cities across Nigeria, Ghana, and America, Vendease's influence is ever-expanding. With a growth-oriented mindset, the platform continues to strengthen its presence, offering an indispensable service that empowers restaurants to access quality ingredients directly from the source. As Vendease evolves, its commitment to excellence, transparency, and fostering growth remains steadfast, making it a pivotal player in transforming the culinary landscape across multiple continents.

What Customers are Saying

"Vendease offers an invaluable solution to restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality establishments in Africa. This innovative procurement platform simplifies the process of sourcing and delivering food supplies, enabling these businesses to allocate more time and effort towards enhancing the overall dining experience for their valued customers. With Vendease, restaurants and hotels can streamline their operations, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure a steady supply of quality ingredients. Embrace Vendease to elevate your establishment's efficiency and focus on creating memorable moments for your guests." - Adeniyi Shina

5. Glovo

Hailing from the vibrant tech landscape of Spain, Glovo emerges as a trailblazing force, rapidly establishing itself as the fastest-growing multicategory player across Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. At the heart of our operations lies cutting-edge technology, serving as the catalyst for innovative solutions that seamlessly connect customers, businesses, and dedicated couriers. Beyond revolutionizing the way convenience is experienced, they hold a steadfast commitment to cultivating a sustainable impact on the communities and ecosystems being touched. Embark on a culinary journey like never before as Glovo invites you to effortlessly order your favorite dishes from the restaurants that tantalize your taste buds. They understand that time is of the essence, and that's why the service is extended to include the convenience of online grocery shopping. Choose your preferred supermarket, select your groceries, and Glovo would bring them straight to your doorstep, saving you valuable time and effort. But Glovo is not just about food and groceries. Their versatility shines as they provide a seamless solution for sending parcels from one place to another. With the efficiency of the courier services, your parcels are collected and delivered wherever you desire, ensuring a hassle-free experience. In essence, Glovo redefines the boundaries of convenience by allowing you to order anything you desire, as long as it fits in a courier's bag. This limitless approach embodies the spirit of Glovo, where technology meets innovation to offer a comprehensive solution for all your needs.   


In conclusion, the dynamic landscape of the restaurant industry demands a strategic embrace of technology, and the utilization of key platforms can significantly elevate the dining experience for both establishments and patrons. From streamlining reservations to enhancing online visibility and ensuring seamless delivery services, the integration of these essential platforms empowers restaurants to thrive in the digital age. Embracing innovation, maintaining a robust online presence, and fostering seamless interactions with customers are no longer options but necessities for culinary success. By incorporating these best five platforms into their operations, restaurants can not only stay ahead of the curve but also cultivate lasting connections with their discerning clientele, ensuring a future where culinary excellence seamlessly intertwines with technological prowess.

Frequently Asked Questions about Important Platforms every Restaurant Should Use


Q1: What sets ChowDeck apart in the culinary landscape?
ChowDeck is a pioneering technology company transforming food logistics services, bridging the gap between vendors and consumers for a seamless dining experience in Lagos, Nigeria.

Q2: How can I access the diverse culinary offerings on ChowDeck?
Simply download the ChowDeck App to explore a vast selection of delectable meals from your favorite restaurants, delivered promptly to your doorstep.


Q1: What is the core objective of Dinesurf?
Dinesurf aims to seamlessly connect African dining hospitality with diners globally, employing cutting-edge technology to create the largest community of diners and restaurants in Africa.

Q2: How does Dinesurf streamline the dining reservation process?
Dinesurf empowers users to discover, search, and reserve a table in just 90 seconds, revolutionizing the traditional dining experience with efficiency and convenience.

Orda Africa:

Q1: What makes ORDA a revolutionary force in the culinary realm?
ORDA, founded in 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria, offers a state-of-the-art cloud-based restaurant operating system designed to empower African chefs and food business owners.

Q2: What tools does ORDA provide to enhance food businesses?
ORDA’s innovative suite includes the ePos system, integrated solutions, and cutting-edge lending options, collectively serving as a backbone for food entrepreneurs to manage, elevate, and expand their enterprises.


Q1: How does Vendease revolutionize ingredient sourcing for restaurants?
Vendease is an innovative marketplace enabling direct ordering from farms and food manufacturers, transforming how restaurants in Africa source their ingredients.

Q2: What values guide Vendease’s vibrant culture and operations?
Vendease is driven by a spirit of adventure, a pursuit of excellence, and a commitment to transparency, fostering a culture that values interconnectedness and growth.


Q1: What sets Glovo apart as a multicategory player in Europe, Western Asia, and Africa?
Glovo is a Spanish tech company rapidly growing across continents, leveraging cutting-edge technology to seamlessly connect customers, businesses, and couriers.

Q2: What services does Glovo offer beyond food delivery?
Glovo extends its convenience to online grocery shopping and parcel delivery, redefining boundaries by allowing users to order anything within the confines of a courier’s bag.

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