How Dinesurf Helped See Lagos Improve Their Menu Management Processes

See Lagos is a leading restaurant in the heart of Lagos State, Nigeria. For many years, See Lagos has been delivering excellent Nigerian cuisine to their customers. However, with the ever-changing cost of food items worldwide and in the local market, updating menu prices was a challenge for See Lagos as it took them a long time and often made their customers unhappy.

The Challenge

See Lagos faced an issue when it came to updating their menu prices. It usually proved to be painstaking process because prices often changed multiple times throughout the day due to fluctuations in the local market. This caused disruption to See Lagos’s business processes and customer satisfaction levels as they had difficulty keeping up with the changes.

The Solution

The solution to this problem came from Dinesurf’s Menu Management System which provides restaurants with an easy and efficient way of managing menus across multiple locations quickly and reliably. The system offers a user-friendly interface allowing restaurant managers to make any updates they need in just a few clicks. It also allows for rapid updating of menu items, pricing and availability across different instances which gives See Lagos the flexibility to react quickly to changes in the local market without compromising on customer service. Additionally, the system automates tedious tasks such as creating reports or generating sales graphs, freeing up precious time for See Lagos staff to focus their efforts on delivering top-notch services to their customers.

The Result

By using Dinesurf’s sophisticated menu management system, See Lagos were able to update their menu prices more easily, quickly and accurately than ever before. This enabled them to keep up with changing costs in the local market without trying hard or spending much time on the process. In addition, customers were happier with faster online ordering services provided by Dinesurf’s platform, resulting in higher customer satisfaction ratings for See Lagos overall.

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