Dinesurf's Restaurant CRM

Elevate your Diner
Experience and Marketing

Dinesurf's Restaurant CRM is designed to transform the way you manage your restaurant. Our innovative platform helps you build stronger relationships with your customers, streamline your operations, and boost your revenue.

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Enhance Customer Experience & Growth!

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360° Customer Profiles

Understand your guests like never before. Store detailed profiles with contact information, preferences, and order history to provide personalized service every time.

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Inbuilt Email and SMS Tools

Run targeted marketing campaigns directly from our CRM. Use our built-in email and SMS tools to reach your customers with promotions, updates, and loyalty programs designed to drive repeat business

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Interaction Tracking

Stay on top of every customer interaction. From reservations to feedback, our CRM captures all the details so you can respond promptly and maintain high levels of satisfaction.

How it works

Transform your Customer Experience!

Our platform collects guest data, analyzes behaviors, leverages insights for tailored marketing, and fosters personal connections to enhance guest experiences and drive repeat business.

Collect Guest Data

Easily gather information from your guests through various touchpoints to create a comprehensive profile for each customer.

Shared Guest Database | Automated Data Entry

Understand Guest Behavior

Analyze the collected data to gain insights into your guests' preferences and habits, helping you predict their future actions.

Predictive Modeling | Behaviour Analytics

Act on data & insights

Leverage the insights gained to tailor your marketing strategies and operational decisions, ensuring they resonate with your guests.

Segmentation Tools | Automated Campaigns | Email and SMS Marketing

Build personal Connections

Utilize the personalized data to engage with your guests on a one-on-one basis, fostering stronger relationships and loyalty.

Loyalty Programs* | Feedback Management | Personalized Communication

Own Your Guest Data, Enhance Marketing with Dinesurf CRM

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