No matter who your friends are, one thing is for sure – you want to celebrate them! Sometimes, this means taking them out to dinner at your favorite restaurant. But what if you want to do something different? Check out these ideas for unique celebrations at restaurants. Your friends will be glad you did!

1. Make it a potluck! Ask each of your friends to bring their favorite dish to share. This way, you can try a little bit of everything – and nobody has to do all the cooking! This only applies if you do not intend to use a restaurant.

2. Have a themed dinner party! Whether it’s “Taco Tuesday” or “Pizza Party Friday,” get your friends together for a night of fun themed foods.

3. Get dressed up! If you’re feeling fancy, why not dress up for your dinner out? Your friends will surely appreciate the effort – and you might even get a few compliments from strangers.

4. Make it a game night! Combine your love of food with your love of competition by turning your dinner into a game night. Play cards, board games, or even video games at the restaurant – just make sure you’re not too distracted to enjoy your meal!

5. Turn it into a photo shoot! If you and your friends are Instagram-obsessed, turn your dinner into a photo shoot. Take pictures of the food, the drinks, and most importantly, each other!

6. Have a dance party! Why not turn the restaurant into your own personal nightclub? Put on your favorite tunes and dance the night away – just be sure to ask the staff first!

7. Make it a movie night! If you’re looking for a more low-key evening, rent a movie and eat at the restaurant. You can even bring your own popcorn and snacks! Just make sure you ask the manager at the restaurant if this is allowed or they have a provision for such activities.

8. Do a tasting! If you and your friends are foodies, turn your dinner into a tasting. Order several different dishes and share them family-style. This way, you can all sample a little bit of everything!

9. Make it a competition! If you’re feeling competitive, see who can eat the most food or finish their meal the fastest. You can even make it into a betting game – but be sure to not go overboard!

10. Do a DIY project! If you’re feeling crafty, get your friends together at a restaurant and do a DIY project. You can paint mugs, make jewelry, or even decorate picture frames!

11. Have a picnic! If the weather is nice, have a “picnic” at your favorite restaurant. Order some light fare and set up shop outside – it’s the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company.

12. Go on a food crawl! If you’re feeling adventurous, turn your dinner into a food crawl. Visit several different restaurants in one night and share small plates at each one. This is a great way to try new things – and it’s sure to be a night you’ll never forget!

13. Do a tasting menu! If you want to get really fancy, ask the restaurant if they offer a tasting menu. This is usually a special menu that includes multiple courses, and it’s a great way to try new foods.

14. Make it educational! If you want to learn more about food, ask the restaurant if they offer cooking classes. This is a great way to bond with your friends – and you might even learn a thing or two!

Friends are the family we choose, and sometimes they need to be celebrated in a big way. Whether it’s your best friend or just a friend you appreciate, here are some great ideas for how to celebrate them at a restaurant. You can make a reservation for them now here. What is your favorite way to show your friends some love? Let us know in the comments!

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