Nestled in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, Franschhoek is a captivating town renowned for its breathtaking scenery, rich history, and, notably, its exceptional culinary scene. Surrounded by majestic mountains and lush vineyards, Franschhoek exudes a unique charm that attracts visitors from far and wide. Often referred to as the "French Corner" due to its Huguenot heritage, the town boasts a delightful blend of European elegance and South African warmth. Beyond its enchanting landscapes, Franschhoek has evolved into a gastronomic haven, with world-class wineries, artisanal boutiques, and, of course, a collection of outstanding restaurants. Each dining establishment in Franschhoek weaves a story of local flavors, innovation, and a celebration of the region's bountiful produce, creating an unforgettable experience for those seeking to savor the essence of this vibrant town.

Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of Franschhoek with our guide to the 7 best restaurants in this charming South African town. Nestled amidst picturesque vineyards and cobblestone streets, each of these dining establishments encapsulates the essence of Franschhoek's rich gastronomic tapestry. From intimate bistros to upscale dining, discover a superb meal at every turn, inviting you to indulge in the finest local flavors. Join us on a culinary journey through the heart of Franschhoek, where each restaurant unveils a unique expression of the town's vibrant and diverse culinary scene.  


Comprehensive Guide to Franschhoek Restaurants

Franschhoek, nestled in the Western Cape of South Africa, is not only celebrated for its breathtaking scenery and rich history but also for its exceptional culinary scene. This comprehensive guide aims to explore the diverse and delectable array of dining options that make Franschhoek a renowned gastronomic destination.

1. Diversity of Culinary Offerings: Franschhoek boasts a culinary tapestry that reflects its multicultural history and vibrant atmosphere. From intimate bistros to fine-dining establishments, visitors can savor a diverse range of cuisines, blending local South African flavors with international influences.

2. The Famous Wine Estates: One of the distinctive features of dining in Franschhoek is its close proximity to renowned wine estates. Many restaurants in the area offer carefully curated wine lists, allowing patrons to pair their meals with exquisite local wines. This unique experience enhances the overall enjoyment of dining in Franschhoek.

3. Culinary Events and Festivals: Franschhoek is home to various culinary events and festivals throughout the year. The Franschhoek Wine & Food Festival, for example, attracts food enthusiasts from around the world. Visitors can immerse themselves in unique culinary experiences, tasting events, and chef collaborations during these festivities.

4. Boutique Dining Experiences: Explore the charming streets of Franschhoek, and you'll discover boutique dining establishments that offer intimate and personalized experiences. These hidden gems provide a cozy atmosphere, often with chefs who are passionate about crafting memorable meals using locally sourced ingredients.

5. Historic Charm: Many restaurants in Franschhoek are housed in historic buildings, adding an extra layer of charm to the dining experience. Whether it's a converted farmhouse or a building with architectural significance, diners can enjoy their meals in a setting that harmonizes with the town's rich heritage.

6. Reservations and Peak Seasons: Given the popularity of Franschhoek as a culinary destination, it's advisable to make reservations, especially during peak seasons or special events. This ensures that visitors secure a spot at their preferred dining establishment and enjoy a seamless and relaxed dining experience.

7. Family-Friendly Options: Franschhoek welcomes families, and several restaurants offer family-friendly menus and atmospheres. Visitors with children can enjoy meals together while appreciating the warm hospitality that characterizes this South African town.

8. Dietary Preferences and Accommodations: The restaurants in Franschhoek are often accommodating to various dietary preferences and restrictions. Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or have specific food allergies, many establishments are willing to customize their offerings to suit individual needs.

9. Culinary Tours and Classes: For those seeking a more immersive experience, consider participating in culinary tours or classes offered by some Franschhoek restaurants. These experiences provide insight into local ingredients, cooking techniques, and the culinary traditions that define the region.

10. Beyond Dining: While exploring Franschhoek's culinary scene, take the opportunity to discover other attractions. Visit art galleries, boutique shops, and enjoy the town's vibrant cultural scene, complementing your culinary journey with a holistic experience.

7 Best Franschhoek Restaurants

1. The Hussar Grill Franschhoek Restaurant

Located in the beautiful South African town of Franschhoek, The Hussar Grill is an exquisite dining destination that captures the essence of fine cuisine and the warmth of a welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant staff are highly accommodating, always going above and beyond to make special occasions memorable. The culinary offering at The Hussar Grill is a meat-lover's dream. Their 400g ribeye steak with bone marrow is a particular highlight, renowned for its tender, deliciously grilled meat. The restaurant also serves local game, depending on the day's hunt, which provides a unique, authentic taste of South Africa. The ostrich dish has been hailed as 'incredible' by guests, showcasing the restaurant's ability to expertly prepare a variety of meats. Seafood lovers are also well-catered for, with dishes like the Kingclip Thermidor and the Reef & Beef with prawns making an appearance on the menu. Notable starters include the chicken livers and calamari, while the bone marrow starter is a must-try for the more adventurous palate. Beyond the main courses and starters, Hussar Grill offers an indulgent dessert in the form of their Chocolate Vodka Martini. This decadent treat is a must-try for chocolate lovers, and provides a sweet end to a delicious meal. The ambiance of the restaurant is cozy and inviting, with an option to dine inside or enjoy the beautiful South African weather outside. The Hussar Grill Franschhoek, with its excellent food quality and impeccable service, is a dining experience that is both unique and memorable.

What Customers are Saying

#SpecialOccasions #GrilledMeat #LocalGameDishes #Steak #ChocolateVodkaMartini
"We went to celebrate my birthday. The staff especially Blessing made the occasion special. We had the ribeye with bone marrow it was a delicious tender 400g of grilled meat." - Leanna Luyt

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: South African, Fresh
  • Opening Times: 12pm-11pm
  • Address: 33, The Protea Hotel, 34 Huguenot St, Franschhoek, Cape Town, 7690, South Africa , Western Cape


Epice, located in the heart of Franschhoek, South Africa, invites you on a culinary journey around the world through the power of spices. This award-winning, fine dining establishment is renowned for its meticulously planned and paired dishes, each one a veritable celebration of flavors. Every plate is a work of art, beautifully presented yet never distracting from the food and overall dining experience. The restaurant's signature 10-dish meal comes highly recommended, with each course delivering punchy, surprising flavors that never feel too heavy or rich. The Karoo lamb curry roti, in particular, has been lauded as the epitome of perfection. For those abstaining from alcohol, Epice thoughtfully provides a non-alcoholic drink pairing that enhances the flavors of the dishes. At Epice, every dish is an invitation to make your tastebuds dance in ways you didn't know they could. The restaurant prides itself on its superb protein cookery and outstanding sauces, crafted with great focus on spicing. The atmosphere is vibrant and engaging, never overwhelming. But what truly sets Epice apart is its service. From the friendly, hospitable servers who always serve with a smile, to the chefs who enjoy interacting with the guests, the team at Epice ensures that every night out is an unforgettable one. The team's dedication to providing an unparalleled food experience has earned Epice the distinction of being a favorite among many. Discover Epice and indulge in a totally incredible food experience that will keep you coming back for more.

What Customers are Saying

#SuperbFood #FriendlyService #FineDining #BeautifulPresentation #Nonalcoholicdrinkpairing
"Absolutely superb restaurant - the food, service and atmosphere are just top notch. Every dish makes your tastebuds dance in ways you didn't know they could. With the friendly, hospitable service you receive (always with a smile from every server), and the small interactions with a couple of the chefs, going for dinner at Epice makes for an unforgettable night out. Thank you to the team at Epice for a wonderful time!!" - Diego Villaveces

Restaurant information

  • Cuisine: Asian, African
  • Opening Times: 12pm-2pm, 6pm-8.30pm
  • Address: Le Quartier Français Hotel, Huguenot St, Franschhoek, 7690, South Africa , Western Cape

3. The Werf Restaurant at Boschendal

Nestled in the heart of South Africa, The Werf Restaurant at Boschendal offers an exceptional dining experience that promises to be as memorable as it is delightful. The restaurant is renowned for its tranquil ambiance, with an enchanting setting overlooking lush gardens. The natural beauty surrounding the restaurant extends to the interior, where a large yet cozy dining space invites diners to relax and enjoy their meal. The culinary delights at The Werf are as diverse as they are delectable. Breakfast is a particular highlight, with a range of options that have been praised by large groups. The avocado toast and eggs Benedict have received special mentions, and are sure to start your day off on a high note. The restaurant is also notable for its earthy and wholesome meals, which are celebrated for their intense flavors. The secret behind the delightful dishes lies in the freshness of the ingredients, most of which are grown in the gardens below the restaurant. Desserts at The Werf are unique and delicious, with options like roasted grapes, nuts, and creme for those who prefer less sweet treats. The restaurant also offers exquisite wine tasting, making it an ideal location for special occasions or a romantic anniversary weekend. Service at The Werf is a testament to South African hospitality, with friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff who go above and beyond to ensure an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant offers great value for money, and stays open until late in the summer, providing a perfect spot for an evening meal as the sun sets. Visit The Werf Restaurant at Boschendal for an unrivaled dining experience that will leave you adding it to your bucket list.

What Customers are Saying

#Breakfastmeals #Exceptionalservice #Beautifulsetting #Earthydishes #Casualatmosphere
"Our group of 15 ate approximately 40 breakfast meals over 3 mornings last week (Dec 20-22). We sampled every breakfast meal plus special requests. All were exceptional. Top requests were avocado toast and eggs Benedict. The setting over the gardens is beautiful. We also received exceptional care from Khayone. She went beyond any expectations of service, attention, friendliness and professionalism and is now on all our lists as the best ever. She even calmed our 5 yo and got her to eat." - John Seaworth

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: American
  • Opening Times: 8am-9pm
  • Address: R310 Pniel Road, Groot Drakenstein, Franschhoek, 7680, South Africa , Western Cape

4. Arkeste Restaurant

Nestled just outside of Franschhoek, Arkeste offers a sublime culinary experience that has been touted as one of the best in South Africa. The restaurant's ambiance is a delightful blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication, with the setting in a whimsical log cabin adding a touch of magic to your meal. Whether you choose to dine indoors or sit on the patio under the trees, particularly on a warm day, Arkeste's inviting atmosphere promises a memorable dining experience. The food at Arkeste is a testament to the meticulous skill and creativity of the chef, Richard, who has managed to elevate the establishment's culinary offerings season after season. Every dish is a masterpiece, meticulously prepared and boasting unique, tantalizing flavors. Highlights include the slow-cooked lamb, beautifully accompanied by vegetables, and the beef and tempura line fish starter, both of which have been lauded by patrons. The special Springbok dish showcases the chef's ability to render even the most robust meats tender and succulent. The sauces, in particular, are a testament to Richard's prowess as a saucier, with each one adding a magical touch to the dishes. Arkeste's seafood plate is an absolute delight. Comprising five bites, each accentuated by a distinctive sauce, this starter offers a divine gastronomic adventure with the oyster standing out amongst the rest. For dessert, the sorbet is a refreshing finale to a perfect meal. The service at Arkeste is noteworthy, with the staff's great humor, attentiveness, and efficiency making your dining experience all the more enjoyable. Arkeste also offers a wine tasting room adjacent to the restaurant, a perfect prelude to your meal. Given the popularity of this gem, advance booking is recommended to secure your spot. Whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor, Arkeste promises an absolute treat of a dining experience.

What Customers are Saying

#GreatService #HighQualityFood #UniqueTastes #FineDining #RelaxedAtmosphere
"We had possibly our best meal in South Africa here since arriving a week ago, and that’s saying something considering how good the food has been to this point. Our server Nosi was fantastic and really added to our enjoyment of the evening with her great humour and attentiveness! The food was top class, the beef and tempura line fish starter stealing the show for us. If we had another night or two here we would definitely come back. An absolute treat!" - Leah Mullaly

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: French, Japanese
  • Opening Times: 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-8.15pm
  • Address: Chamonix Wine Estate, Uitkyk St, Franschhoek, 7690, South Africa , Western Cape

5. Protégé Restaurant

Protege is more than just a restaurant; it's a fine dining experience that is sure to delight the senses. This cozy establishment, nestled in the heart of the Western Cape, boasts a relaxed ambiance that perfectly complements the complexity of its culinary offerings. Each dish is a spectacle in itself, meticulously curated and impeccably presented, ensuring a memorable dining experience for each patron. The service at Protege is attentive and engaging, with a friendly team that's praised for their patience and humor. The staff is eager to enhance your dining experience, pairing each dish with a superb selection of wines that beautifully accentuate the flavors on your plate. At Protege, the food is more than just delicious; it's a work of art. The menu is a blend of creativity and sophistication, featuring standout dishes like prawn-stuffed Korean fried chicken. Each dish is a celebration of taste, full of outstanding and vibrant flavors that will have you counting the days until your return visit. Beyond its culinary delights, Protege also offers an enticing selection of cocktails that are just as impressive as the food. Whether you opt for the sprint tasting menu with wine pairing or another of their exquisite offerings, dining at Protege is considered by many to be a highlight of their time in South Africa. It's not just a meal at Protege, it's an unforgettable dining experience that leaves a lasting impression long after the last bite. Whether you're a local or a tourist, it's a culinary adventure in the Western Cape that shouldn't be missed.

What Customers are Saying

#FineDining #OutstandingFlavors #CozyLocation #AttentiveService #BeautifulPresentation
"Look at this place, not as a restaurant or another meal, but more as a fine dining experience. It was such a treat. The combination of flavours was outstanding. Very impressive." - John Harris

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: Korean, South African
  • Opening Times: 12pm-2.30pm, 5.30pm-8pm
  • Address: 18 Huguenot St, Franschhoek, 7690, South Africa , Western Cape

6. Chefs Warehouse at Maison Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of South Africa's picturesque cape region, Chefs Warehouse at Maison offers an unforgettable dining experience. The stunning views provide an exquisite backdrop to a meal that is both a feast for the eyes and the palate. The interior is an elegant blend of modernity and classic comfort, creating an ambiance that is as beautiful as it is inviting. The service, as noted by many, is friendly and welcoming. The experienced and charming staff take the time to explain each course in detail, adding a personal touch that enhances the dining experience. Whether you're seeking a relaxing lunch in the garden or an intimate dinner overlooking the park-like greens and local vineyards, Chefs Warehouse at Maison delivers an exceptional level of service that never disappoints. The food, carefully crafted by the talented chefs, ranges from meat and fish courses to vegetarian and vegan options. Each dish is a small, exquisite serving, delicately presented and bursting with flavor. The vegan and pescatarian menus have been praised for their delicious offerings, proving that plant-based meals can be just as satisfying and flavorful. The wine list at Chefs Warehouse at Maison is noteworthy as well, offering a variety of options to perfectly complement your meal. The ambiance, service, and culinary offerings come together to create a truly unique dining experience. However, it's important to note that the portions are considered smaller due to the tapas concept of sharing, with pricing per person. In conclusion, whether you're looking to indulge in a leisurely lunch in the garden, sample the chef's latest creations, or simply sip on a glass of fine wine while soaking up the stunning view, Chefs Warehouse at Maison is the place to be. Just remember to book a reservation in advance to secure your spot in this culinary haven.

What Customers are Saying

#BeautifulView #FriendlyService #VarietyofDietOptions #ExquisitePresentation #DiverseWineList
"Chefs Warehouse never disappoints me and this one was no exception. The food, the garden, and the service were all amazing. They usually cater to various dietary needs with a set menu - vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and meat - and the vegan and pescatarian menus we tried were delicious. The wine list was also great. We had a lovely and relaxing lunch in the garden." - Anna

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: French, Spanish
  • Opening Times: 10am-8.30pm
  • Address: R45, Franschhoek, 7690, South Africa , Western Cape

7. La Petiite Colombe

La Petite Colombe, tucked away amidst the stunning vineyards of South Africa's Franschhoek, offers a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. The restaurant's scenic location, nestled amongst lush wineries with a backdrop of dramatic mountains, sets the stage for a meal that is as visually stunning as it is gastronomically impressive. From the moment you step into La Petite Colombe, you are embraced by an ambiance of elegance, comfort, and sophistication. The restaurant offers a full pescatarian menu that is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. Each dish is meticulously crafted, boasting impressive presentations that are a testament to the culinary team's attention to detail. As you settle into the three-hour dining experience, you are treated to an array of dishes that are nothing short of exceptional. Standout culinary masterpieces include the 'Viskop' dish and the guava dessert, which have been hailed as some of the best food guests have ever had. The menu has been carefully curated to offer a diverse range of flavors, each dish offering a delightful surprise that is perfectly complemented by the outstanding service. In addition to its culinary prowess, La Petite Colombe also boasts a highly experienced Sommelier who is on hand to assist with perfect wine pairings, elevating the dining experience to new heights. The friendly and professional staff further contribute to the unparalleled dining experience, ensuring that every need is met with prompt and attentive service. La Petite Colombe is a must-visit destination in Franschhoek, offering a dining experience that is on par with the world's top Michelin-star restaurants. Whether you're visiting for a leisurely lunch or an intimate dinner, this restaurant promises an unforgettable experience that is well worth the price, and one that you will cherish for years to come.

What Customers are Saying

#HighDemand #PescatarianMenu #AttentiveStaff #DramaticScenery #TheatreExperienceDishes
"Just amazing, Michelin level food (at least 2) and hence very price worthy, compared to other countries. Beautiful among wineries, perfect lunch stop (3h) on our wine tasting visits. One of our best food experiences!" - Maryam Saeedi

Restaurant Information

  • Cuisine: French, European
  • Opening Times: 12pm-10pm
  • Address: Leeu Estates, Dassenberg Rd, Franschhoek, South Africa , Western Cape


In concluding our exploration of the 7 Best Franschhoek Restaurants for a superb meal, it becomes evident that this charming South African town is not only a visual delight but also a culinary gem. The curated list of dining establishments reflects the essence of Franschhoek, offering a diverse and exquisite array of flavors amidst breathtaking landscapes. From the intimate bistros to the upscale dining venues, each restaurant contributes to the town's reputation as a gastronomic haven. As you navigate the cobblestone streets and vineyard-lined avenues, the superb meals awaiting you at these establishments serve as a testament to Franschhoek's commitment to providing an unparalleled culinary experience. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, indulging in the culinary offerings of Franschhoek is not just a meal; it's an immersive journey into the heart of South Africa's vibrant and flavorful culture.

Frequently Asked Questions about Franschhoek Restaurants

Frequently Asked Questions about Franschhoek Restaurants:

What makes Franschhoek a notable culinary destination?

Franschhoek is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and a vibrant culinary scene, boasting a collection of outstanding restaurants that showcase diverse and exquisite flavors.

How many restaurants are featured in the guide to the “7 Best Franschhoek Restaurants for a Superb Meal”?

The guide highlights seven carefully selected restaurants, each offering a unique and exceptional dining experience in Franschhoek.

What types of dining establishments are included in the list?

The curated list encompasses a range of dining establishments, from intimate bistros to upscale restaurants, providing a diverse culinary journey for visitors.

Are these restaurants suitable for all budgets?

Yes, the guide includes a variety of restaurants to cater to different budgets, ensuring that there are superb dining options for everyone in Franschhoek.

Do these restaurants offer a blend of local and international flavors?

Absolutely, the featured restaurants in Franschhoek pride themselves on presenting a diverse menu that often includes a harmonious blend of local South African and international flavors.

Is it necessary to make reservations at these Franschhoek restaurants?

It is recommended to make reservations, especially for popular dining establishments, to secure your spot and ensure a seamless dining experience in Franschhoek.

What makes the dining experience in Franschhoek unique compared to other South African towns?

Franschhoek’s dining experience is distinguished by its picturesque surroundings, historical charm, and a concentration of world-class wineries, contributing to a truly exceptional culinary journey.

Can visitors explore other attractions in Franschhoek besides dining?

Absolutely, Franschhoek offers a range of attractions, including art galleries, boutique shops, and wine estates, providing visitors with a holistic experience beyond its renowned restaurants.

Are these restaurants family-friendly?

Some of the featured restaurants are family-friendly, with diverse menus catering to different tastes. It’s advisable to check with individual establishments regarding specific offerings for families.

Do Franschhoek restaurants cater to dietary restrictions or preferences?

Yes, many of the restaurants in Franschhoek are accommodating and can cater to various dietary restrictions or preferences. It’s advisable to inform the restaurant in advance about any specific requirements.

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